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El-Bashir and Tandler preview Redskins preseason Week 3



  1. Rex Grossman1:14
  2. Mike Shanahan0:32
  3. Ashburn Virginia0:06
  4. Brandon Meriweather2:03
  5. Chris Johnson1:31
  6. Jonathan Dwyer1:34
  7. Kyle Shanahan0:24
  8. rich Taylor0:09
  9. Steelers1:34
  10. pre season game0:41, 2:10
Thu, 22 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Here at Redskins park in Ashburn Virginia -- We hear of my esteemed colleague rich Taylor from CSN Washington dot com on target overseer -- let's talk about Saturdays game against the bills. What's going to be expected of Kirk cousins if anything I think his name address -- me on the on the sidelines I -- -- practice this week. Although neither Mike nor Kyle Shanahan would rule him out entirely. You know just just use your your common sense he'll probably watching rest up that mid foot sprain. Now speaking of Mike Shanahan we spoke to him earlier today. -- he told us that the starters on both sides of the ball early and play about twenty snaps now that's not usually is it for the third pre season game which is usually a dress rehearsal for a week one. Yes thank you probably about half of how many snaps to -- me point out it would be playing around the league. But most the rest the league didn't play my last Monday and there have to have another game this Saturday I think he played him a little bit longer on Monday than he might have otherwise. And out lighten up a little bit on Saturday something strange about this game. The Redskins are not gonna have either there number one or their number two quarterback to think that's gonna affect a dress rehearsal getting ready for week one. Well to an extent but you do have Rex Grossman you know he's been around a lot of years -- I think he knows how to how to run the huddle how to get in and out of things. And down the other receivers might be a little off the Michael experience playing defense let's talk a little bit about what Carter Rambo here so we saw what happened against the Titans he got undressed by Chris Johnson. And again on Monday night against the Steelers Jonathan Dwyer got around him he just he he grasping at air -- -- get any part of the running back as he zipped past him. Is that going to be a problem for him. He's just got to work that that's why these games don't count that's why you have 44 pre season games -- hasn't said yes to work on his angles pastoral work on his tackling technique. And you know by the time there -- the season starts you like you want me perfectly what we tackle like a four year veteran -- the good thing is he doesn't mind sticking his nose in there and tackling. And actually but neither is Brandon Meriweather but. I'm not so sure gonna see him once on Saturday yeah rich you know I mean he has not played in a single pre season game. Guy you know and when you miss the third game with all the other starters are playing you gotta start wondering if he's gonna be ready for week one against the Eagles. At Redskins park on -- overseer for rich to handler back to you. CSN Washington dot com.

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