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How did the David DeJesus situation shake out?


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Thu, 22 Aug 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. The strange soccer David been pleased with the nationals should finally have some resolution by Friday afternoon. -- up obviously by the national from the cut in a waiver claim on Monday but then he was immediately put back on waivers by the national. -- is reportedly been claimed by the Tampa Bay Rays. So what happens from here while the -- Have three options on the ones that could just let the race kick up in these pick up the entire salary. And essentially at the end of their affiliation and they couldn't try to work -- a trade with the rays and actually get up being in which earned. This -- be -- leader prefer. Solution here because that you can actually get up and the -- If they can't work at all out a bit quick just like keep. If you pull him back off waivers and how is there for the rest that he would know several options here it's probably. Not as usual the process. As it sounds like and normally these things are made public if that happened under players every year but. Obviously strange situation given the fact they had just picked it up cut couple days ago. CSN Washington dot com.

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