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Mark Zuckerman breaks down Nats trades



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Fri, 23 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. As much as we talk that July 31 work the trade deadline the nationals actually been way more active in August. Because of the waiver procedure and how that allows you still make moves even after July 31. They traded Kurt Suzuki -- in the eighties and that's just case at Oakland had some injury to catcher. They knew Suzuki from that time there. Offered her a single a prospect for the Mets. As much as it like that it is important that he was them down the stretch last year that's got -- Wilson Ramos is their number one catcher out and play. The catcher future so it -- Suzuki and get minor league prospect in return and so -- that Mike Rizzo felt he had to make. It is trade it will straighten her out to because they just beat them up four days ago in a waiver claim from the Cubs and out immediately flipped them. To -- a base or a player to be Nate. So what exactly happened here well I think it's a case of almost like it they trader on ball street. As -- -- for not being able to that it really flipped him for some kind of prospect that a bit down the road like result you're. Why not do that you claim and maybe could've helped your team but you also find out how much interest in. Other teams can't they wanted to more actually going to give up something for him and so. It is loose errors over a currently sport day's match. CSN Washington dot com.

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