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How much better are the Caps with Grabovski?



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Sat, 24 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Capitals waited and waited and waited apparently looks like they may have just gotten a guy and the caliber box he signs a one year deal for three million dollars that's a no brainer. Yeah I know it fell out of favor and Randy Carlyle at Toronto. He has scored twenty plus goals in the league. They lost Rivera look he's your second line center now now you look at the top six -- like falls down. It is this the piece that's gonna make -- a Stanley Cup true Stanley Cup contender probably not before one year three million dollars I like the move. The problem I have is the caps have been making this move for a long time to make that one year deal for a guy. Hope that he can be. And I think he'll put up numbers he's gonna get second line minutes so I'll probably scored twenty plus goals now. Fifty to sixty points is going to be out there a lot I like -- all. I just don't know if that was the one missing piece of the perhaps if optimistic -- he's given right back in the same situation a year from now run with you look at the fact that the caps and relax this -- the guys have been a problem flatly there Rivera was but I think when you actually begin to look at -- other teams seem to not like the move. Because they think he's a very good player they got on the cheap and when you look at that when other teams are worried about the move you made yet this years ago. And well you should be okay. But they -- -- -- and say look it would seem to get somebody deposition that will be there for an extended period of time we don't like industry does now with the with the Ravens. You wanna see that bill and it won't be happening you have to give your not happen all what year and it makes -- -- start over again for what it's worth one -- the beat. Writers who covers the Penguins to weed out that he was told -- two different Penguins last year that -- about here's one of the most underrated players in the national hockey. Again when he got top one minutes in Toronto he put up pretty good numbers. He was sent down the third and fourth -- to get along -- coach within blasted the media on his way out. So it didn't work out there but it got like that playing for Adam Oates I think that's a good mix I think you'll have a good season with the caps. I diminutive. CSN Washington dot com.