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Will Buffalo help prepare Redskins for Eagles?



  1. Barry Cofield0:46
  2. Michael Vick0:33
  3. Kevin Kolb0:18
  4. chip Kelly's0:32
  5. Eagles0:12, 0:22, 0:52
  6. Buffalo0:05, 0:53
  7. Washington0:02, 1:38
Fri, 23 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Start off with the Buffalo Bills a brand the scales tomorrow night Jimmer were on the builds up tempo offense is good for preparation for the scares going to -- Eagles in a couple. I would tell you right -- now as a quarterback right continental what he's not he's hurt to Kevin Kolb can run the offense not just not the same -- talent level on offense and Eagles. Is better than the bills. The game planning. You know I guess that's the new NFL now more teams -- -- -- up tempo but it's not going to be save his chip Kelly's offense Michael Vick running the -- on the quarterback for the. As far as the preparation you look at the fact they had 85 plays that first game. Send -- the second -- it happened a ball. Every fourteen or fifteen seconds. For the skins right now you look at them they wanna have Barry Cofield who I wanna have born in net there wanna have kids go to bigger guys. But the way the Eagles are gonna be run in the -- at the Buffalo bills' big get a chance to see how quick. How fast they can get the note the -- guys in that game. If they go all the substitute that you can't get them on the field the Eagles have the complete. -- -- the whole game. I think this this is now going to get to what you may of their not. It's just that quick. Did you out there they need to get that didn't and that's a two again I would agree but I think good starters are going to play twenty some odd plays this game I just think. Battles when he played better than what they've built right coach coaches at this point Stoney and get hurt especially -- have with the Redskins last week so I. Yeah it is today the plant twenty Bryant get. I don't think it's auto plants are basically in a lot more that yeah. Yeah I just I just Kevin -- run that offense and -- The same thing. It's CSN Washington dot com.

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