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Fri, 23 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Geico sports net central update. Everybody Julie Donaldson -- and Washington dot com we start with the Washington Capitals. They got the signed free agent center Mickell Bobrovsky today to a one year three million dollar contract addressing Washington's -- burned out. At the center position with the departure of Mike -- to the Phoenix Coyotes to pull their went one on one with the caps GM George McPhee. They're gonna say good pocket where he's a very well rounded player brings tremendous speed to the rink every night. But he generates offense. Can make our five on five game better you can play in the power play can kill penalties. If conditions are really the plan -- So. It's this kind of thing we're looking forward to when you saw -- clearly this he's been sort of shunned by another team. And we're gonna know when he's hungry and that's something to prove and that's right time again. So you lose Rivera on free agency how does. Crossed he compare to repair. Well you know I'm I'm not I'm not looking backwards and then it and I'm not expecting -- bust he's filled. Anyone else's shoes on him expecting. Release three players in robust B and zero and the -- who. We didn't see. Anything more than the team -- some of these players lectures were really having three players to line up that. I think we'll make a big difference our hockey club. I offended from here in the Comcast sports Center City is Angela Donaldson preseason Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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