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Riggo on the Range: Cooking quail with family


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CSN Washington dot com well -- young men are on saying. He hit it to be back home again government -- Brought him back. Ramon cleaned but fortunately I had to put him in the freezer. -- it -- it mattered much because they have been in there very many days at all so but you do it. -- -- -- it would take about bags come and run some owner's amount cold running water them all cleaned up at a drive. All along and I thank him then I don't -- wanted to put my thought and you know for sure. One of those -- and holistic -- I don't know it could physically -- it. These -- very good they were tough. Go and I will tell you that we're very fortunate that we have -- adversity you go it was a bird year northeast here there's -- And I have to say regular -- my brother bill. Because if it weren't for him and his shooting them. I haven't done real dry and sort of when -- put the olive -- longer -- barrier that would -- -- for the memorial. I'm also going to pick shears and run -- quickly so eventually have. I have been cited as you can notice that I had a -- before. We picked these birds appreciate and respect these birds this is the thing to do it really depends from me it has a little bit more -- a little bit more -- -- and that's what makes the world go round. They said we can do this several different ways. -- and everybody is different they didn't really mean I don't really comes -- we'll have to -- him. I'm gonna -- assault on exit we'll try to get him out on the growth and I just very good cook perhaps when I turned the first side overall vaulted. -- 100 over the second time an agitator ball for the drill holes on that side as well. Well that's about it home to them now and let these baby sit here and oh wait. -- date with the -- we will go out there and get that fire going and -- -- something that's gonna happen pretty fast. Qualifier is where we needed to be. Where are all there all alone on the assault we'll -- I think we got ourselves a pretty good looking may have to -- And I think now you can appreciate why -- Really the skin on them because they're just. The burgers -- delicate and Lester put runners on him or your head that keeping more pressure on him. This really does keep -- from crying yeah progress that they ago but provided virtually. It's amazing even from this distance. Chair -- journal's -- Bernie won't. The little liberal application. Result. With the final -- on we. We live from back the other way and now -- a little fresh ground cover. I don't -- any news too much. And now we had about a format and Sam Bennett is. Yeah. That'll do it. My daughter goes there and enjoy some -- right. The fruits of our labor. Think just like -- it. Okay we'll see. Thanks for joining us on this week's episode of Ringo on the range and we sure hope we get to see you next. CSN Washington dot com.