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Golston speaks on increased role, improved pass rush



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Sat, 24 Aug 2013|

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-- -- -- He can he's standing behind it that are smaller television your I had no idea that I got my -- -- I had no idea. It -- him but I've got my pick I'm just saying that's my thing. He Keddric you've had 43 career starts but none since 2011. But with Jarvis Jenkins going to be suspended for those first four games of the regular season. You've been running with the ones for most of training camp. There's a mindset change at all. From starter to tobacco you know obviously there's a difference you know when your back up you know rotation resolute differently -- -- -- -- gonna play but you know grasshopper preaching every week whether I'm gonna start. Or be a rotational player I think that's the most important thing is always there ready for an opportunity because when it comes. You wanna put some good stuff out there and so that's where -- prepare each and every week is if I am the starter when I'm gonna play fifty plays or five plays. You got some chances over your career to maybe go to another team which you always re -- with the Redskins what is it about your comfort level with this team what he becomes you know obviously my family's here on my wife -- a business here I am -- -- -- you've drafted me I've been through some tough times here some good times and I just wanna be a part of some special and that's not that we're doing now. One of the main points of emphasis I know we talked to Jim has that at the start of training camp for the -- there was a big drop off last year in sacks. How do you see that do you think think the -- line has constructed now will be able to get more pressure this. Yeah obviously I mean -- We we take pride in stopping the run but understanding that you know nowadays the -- -- 67%. -- -- you -- be able to show and then when -- rules they have in -- were protecting quarterbacks that put your hands -- receivers. You got a sack -- more intercept the ball so definitely get after the quarterback create turnovers is really the main two stats when it comes to winning comes. So as a veteran of a number of years in this league. Yes head back to sideline or your work is done after about ten. Twelve plays into what do you think to yourself man if I didn't get hurt this is a bit disappointed day you had one tackle and one quarter. Here you know obviously you never want to get hurting again with a pre season regular season but the most important things we went out and compete -- -- -- from the first team. -- the first snap to the last snapping -- you put on the colors you go out and -- -- we -- to -- so that was positive no. First downs -- the bills in the second half today you'll what does that say about the -- -- I mean you know Chris Baker because a lineman of the week you're looking at a guy Phil -- LeBron embrace no -- -- and those guys went in there croft in signature and his. Went out there compete and that's what -- called to do you know like I was sort of somebody earlier this was the most competitive camp and I think I've been a part of both offensively defensively drill to drill him and we got after one another who -- -- one another and that's what you need in order to do some special. Five Trevor you got a question for Kendrick -- Kendrick when. There were suspension and injury out on the defensive end position you had to move from inside a defensive tackle more to the outside the defense event that would fans watch you play. This seems like when you're inside you hit the garden when you're outside you get the tackle there's not much difference but what kind of differs from your standpoint is there when you moved from inside. You know obviously to angles change the fundamentals of defense allowed -- kind of the same solid but you know hands and feet and him blocks in Saratoga angles change -- the tackles got a -- -- -- you for the -- from coach -- is that a great job drilling balls inside now and that's kind of what you wanted to do for -- wanna -- is as versatile. As possible -- as the nose -- right and left there to the wanting to go to three technique you just wanna be able to play all those all those techniques as well as possible. Our kids are gonna football talk has been dominant -- -- ghosts well I think you writhing -- calls then. You know -- -- was -- sort of night and definitely you know way to get home to wise that I don't. Definitely being man they're Richmond trading K it was definitely -- politics to get to go out one overall basically triggered that shows a great time on the allowed us to the facility you know had a great time arisen but you know you know what I wanna talk about. But it just they know what what do you want yeah. It just didn't work out of them I mean if you're afraid of me would I don't know -- -- big NASCAR thing this the NASCAR. Audience that are great. So yeah it's a bit a couple races together so we kind of got that thing work Adams. No candle that's not my bout against stay away from being Michigan's rat race like who -- I don't know I'm not. I don't remember the end of the red yeah majority of people would have -- stated that they don't know how. I don't mean I don't write up very good point had to go back in time enjoy the races. CSN Washington dot com.

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