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Forbath: Redskins momentum can carry into season



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Sat, 24 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. So -- guys improved to Reno. I know I it's just the pre season but is it something maybe -- is he's building you guys he takes momentum in the right season definitely I mean site in our backups and so ultimately it. Our offense just. Vehicle -- mean they're long we're we're in first down stale so. It's definitely -- momentum for us so they tried Dicey there on the 54 yarder about it being a 53 yard. What does that do for your confidence when -- -- -- -- -- that we can still was probably seven yards in that it. I mean -- thing I ticket -- call -- it's almost like. Practiced it means I miss first on so. I know how to corrected on the second one and it turned out for worked out for us so. You had an outstanding first year seventeen and Rose an NFL record on field goals he still brought in some competition in on John Potter. What went what does that do that do for your mentality in the season he brings into penalties I mean it's just obviously. You know he -- fire and you make you work a little harder. There reminds you that you know this job isn't guaranteed every week so. Worked hard in the offseason on kickoffs as that was concerned so. Think that I showed a lot of improvement in. You know hope for the best you put a number of your kicked off today deep into the -- -- do you feel like your kick off forgetting where they need to be yeah missed just. About repetition and just keep Dillon in. The more you do with the but he gets so looking forward to just having them be consistent you know deep thing -- thank you. CSN Washington dot com.

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