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Who will make the Redskins roster?



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Sat, 24 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Redskins they have a perfect mark of the first three games of the pre season and no it doesn't count. But try telling that to guys looking for a job this season to them these victories can mean all the difference in the world are -- -- tells us who looked good bad and who's in trouble. But thank you very much -- prone Brian Mitchell and Trevor managing guys and a thirty to seven win. When you dominated across the board in just about every statistical category. Against a team that was pretty much laying down a lot to choose from the 61 yards he's he was a guy always was -- run the deep routes. He showed he has -- -- -- -- he impressed me told him that. Hi Darryl Tapp and defensive linebacker. Converted defensive end and think about -- use all over the field he had seven total tackles he had a sack a hurry at tackle for loss. Lined up inside I won't play made the tackle that went outside and got a got a sack. This guy is a disruptive player that they can move around in different places wherever the defense -- weakest and get their best players on the field most disruptive players on the field regardless of how many need to play outside linebacker. And he spent most of his career his hand in the dirt now we standing up and put him back with -- hand in there it is showing to be a very good player now. We're heading towards the first cut from nine down to 75 players. Who in your estimation is not going to sleep well tonight think they're not -- Thursday. Well I hate this but Donte' Stallworth wide receiver and veteran. He's got we've -- excellent speed still -- battle hamstring injuries as training camp. He was targeted three times in this game against Buffalo but no catches and so right now seems like he might be a guy that is not secure for roster spot. Well did his own Gomes gums and also give you three guys are bringing their toughest battle for to get the last on this team goals safe fielding goals last the greatest thing. It was only negatively. And the night we didn't get a chance to his name and oddly the one guy who's on the bubble. You know lot for a lot of you guys you signed those contracts the business side of football's a lot of fun you start cashing those checks unfortunately. The flip side to that is there is -- day when they call and say. Hey coach want to see you. Bring your playbook you don't know anything about that you don't know anything about it -- some but it's the harsh reality of life in the national football league for -- match. Brian Mitchell -- grossed about you. CSN Washington dot com.