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Edsall, Brown ready to put last season behind them



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Sun, 25 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Coach Randy Edsall is entering his 33 season in the coaching profession and last season ranked pretty high for him as far as adversity goes. Probably number one just because of going through what we went through with the quarterback position with the injuries I don't. That's never happened. Than any year that I was coaching them. And most especially at that position I mean you get injuries and injuries are part of the game but to get the injuries that we had at that position where they were season ending. Injuries -- something I've never experienced before and hope to never experiencing yeah. Easy for the head coach to -- now. 2013. Brings -- -- a fresh start with a healthy starting quarterback. I'm I'm kind of the -- cleared. Not to Wear the knee -- anymore so you know if you really get them excited -- is that coming in. You know it feels good to get back out there and and not be limited. Brown took advantage of his time on the sidelines. To gain a better understanding of offensive coordinator Mike blocks lease system and what he can't wait to implement on the. Fields in disguise -- of that offense and as you know multiple array of things that you can do. With the with the -- that you're surrounded -- -- Am really excited along with you know everyone else you know. We have very high expectations this year you know we're sending it back out there. CSN Washington dot com.

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