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Who should be the Redskins return man?



  1. Mike Shanahan1:17
  2. Florida State0:36
  3. Chris Thompson1:05
  4. Santana0:15, 0:55
  5. Moss0:16
  6. Tampa0:47
  7. Washington0:02, 1:27
Mon, 26 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com one of the guys that we love seeing. But he's not gonna play this season -- fortunate because of the injuries Richard Crawford. Who do you see perhaps taking his place in the return -- number of guys that could do it of course Santana Moss. And the hall are guys that are proven that could do it. But you look for you and and that's why I think Christophe as an opportunity to. He showed you some boxing and I hate losing Crawford -- love this -- personality. He's a talented player. Hopefully 910 months he'll be back to bargaining goals. Thompson is young man out of Florida State he's a flat out ball wouldn't dude you can't turn it over right he's a game breaker. He has been out of football for a while the ACL injury and now he's gonna need a big performance in Tampa should they decide to go young but they've got vets. -- they can put in but I don't know necessarily. If Mike wants to expose Santana and or. A deep hole in that instance if he and you wanna be young bucks who makes a team to get the job done. Guys that are sold Porter right now that redskins' offense and defense and -- like about Chris Thompson I like that. And -- I did like those fumbles coach Shanahan certainly don't like those fumbles but I like the way -- Thompson responded. He went out there he got his chance in the return game he made something happen and even Mike Shanahan said. Like the fact it's okay -- election to fumble let me show you what I can do that's a very good sign for -- CSN Washington dot com.

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