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Wed, 28 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. That. The nets are playing their best baseball now but it doesn't seem like these fans are noticing to the players notice the fans are MIA. Well yeah the thing is -- the nationals and actually enjoyed really good attendance all season they've been averaging almost 34000 games its top ten. In baseball. You know some of the best support they've had since they got to town here. But those crowds started to diminish here in the last few weeks in a bottomed out last night when -- 24000 were here for the first game. Against the Marlins the problem is that this is coincided with their best baseball of the year like you said they've won twelve of their last seventeen to seven games back. In the wild card now and so Bryce Harper. Today said had a message for local sports fans don't give up on the baseball season just yet. Out of the car with Bryce Harper is presented by Geico. They'll get them here having this course a little more on this last month can be huge you know come into the game. You know I think Kansas on the last night in Panamanians. I think and we need that just last I think you know us playing well and their fans got a game in. They're really being harassing him and I we play is huge for us and hopefully in. Know you're going in the snow this last month and especially in June there were home and playing the -- and you know. Marlins or Phillies are doing and I -- as a matter. I think -- they'll look at -- can do against that team that night and we'll go from there. Because of the way you guys had played for much of the summer it was a surprise you that the crowds have gone down somewhat. I think it's tired -- -- do I think. You know just his velocity has come up you know we're we're still -- torso and so. I think their friends for that is you know get -- there hopefully help us plus months and did not think. If fans know that you know guys you just it's just a crowd of just the fans and you know. And again they got a whole way and watch our victories. You know I think growing reported that you know we we -- possibly get in the playoffs and we'll go farther from there. We saw last year how this -- start embrace baseball really for the first time in a long time. Is that something that can happen overnight you think it takes a long time to really Foster itself and and becoming a real good baseball. We -- the best because you know baseball all your Lester and I think. They also been very good this year what it's a very blatant. And I think. You know in the post season and you know what we had and all of people that were here for the playoff games doesn't. We really fed off of that and I think the worst -- about that our guys in jail or hit that homer in the in game four it's game five I think you know he's he's tough fans and I think everything's okay. Hopefully get them out here for that last month and I think that we usually. I think Josh is your -- and -- my -- is what does not. As much as guys say that you just played games that stuff doesn't affect you it does impact you when you have a home crowd was really behind stood there and have. Such as acting they're screaming on the on their feet you know and certain situation that no great thing you know the only let's go to -- there and you know let's go -- -- harper you know anybody I think it's. Lot of fun here then. -- Leo we we really feed off. And now just to be clear -- Bryce Harper is an RG three fan he's a Redskins -- he supports them. -- doesn't believe that there shouldn't be support for the team obviously but the same time he knows are still a month to go in this season. And while the nationals have made under achieved to this point they are playing their best baseball right now he doesn't feel like they're out of it he just wants to make sure. That everyone else out there in the area hasn't given up on this team just quite yet. CSN Washington dot com it.

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