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London, Cavs bonding ahead of BYU matchup



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Wed, 28 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. I think like any relationship you know it's the key thing is get get a chance to know each other. And having -- sprained the other early part of August camp. You know there's a familiarity with the coaches and with the players and the players of the coaches I think it there's trust that you have to have that you know when implementing. You know three new schemes offense defense special teams. It's we've been able to do do that and forge a relationship and bond that players trust the coaches and now we have planned -- go in. And now so we'll see how it unfolds on the on the 31 BYU is is a great team. You know Kotchman -- and a fantastic job with -- they have. All kind of -- pre season all Americans and watch this candidates. You know the one of the best teams in college football also. It's it's it it's a privilege and honor to have them and in Charlottesville. You know that Scott stadium so our players really excited about the challenge. Any opportunities for great season. CSN Washington dot com.

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