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Skins legend Morris remembers Dr. King's speech



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Wed, 28 Aug 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. And during a driver special guest a football hall of Famer you know him well as Bobby Mitchell the first African American to play for the Washington Redskins franchise and Bobby. I love to get the perspective you had been in this town less than two years. When that event took place fifty years ago that the speech how to impact the city and and you guys. You know. The thing that didn't happen for me. Was there after I was still trying to find my way around now. And the movie that was going on and people trying to get you into the movement. And I'm not one of those who horrible books than anywhere between the but it it hit a real big and the thing that been impressed me about it was. And number of people who Cain as first time I've seen that came from all over the country everywhere you looked there were these people. -- you met Doctor King years later he went after that meeting what did you come away with. You know it was so brief him on -- want to get we knew each other because we -- Well I had a question. Because people around him kept trying to get me in Boston do those things -- -- trying to get athletes to do. And I had a question in my question walk us. Was it to what are we fighting for a win he struggled around town and there's a black lady who just received job as a reception so whatever we fought from. And she really made me go in and issues million white people go -- I can go he was in my mouth right from in his. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He see you know those of us who are out here played. You know we don't get in you know getting this thing from. Is to people who come in late. We get this. And I'm a warrior that of course Cutler who. Death what do you do for me if I go do that and that was the rest because I'll follow that all through the years. And do my stroke was -- moving within the organizations and things and who's I'm not alone in new thing in the final analysis. With those people will. Lastly in the game of football we always greed players so if an unfair and unfair question. If Doctor King were alive today how do you think he would grade. Our country and civil rights right now. He's not really -- him to. I know that we would hope that he would give us and Mark. Richt I think I'm pushing it when as soon as CC plus. I personally think that. There's been great strategy but to gosh. Do that we have to do it. Lot of -- I think I could talk to you for this for another show perhaps we'll go to show it's a point -- thank you very much for -- I appreciate our. CSN Washington dot com.