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Tandler weighs in on Skins' position battles



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Wed, 28 Aug 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Have you got the final roster for -- -- -- you have been pretty pretty. Projections this year I got to the tea. Yeah they are -- that the bubble doesn't look like is very -- you know I think there's a decision made a running back wide receiver. Eight or nine offensive line and neutral kind of bounce off of those those two. And -- young defense. AL once. No one's unfortunately Richard Crawford lost decision -- can settle things a quarterback. Looks pretty well set but you know yeah you never know -- can this game. And -- guys have played their way on and off the roster and in this last game. We left cornerback called off a list here I mean you've got the report that power play -- play the entire game. Did he play his way. -- He never say never but I'd I'd just be honest I think that the disadvantage he has. That he can't overcome for that third quarterback job is experience it. I really think Mike Shanahan wants an experienced guys it's it's up it's a break glass in case of emergency job on this team. It's not really a developmental. Role like you -- on something that means Rex Grossman. Well at all 'cause reports when -- Robert -- ready well he had this examination down in Tampa with. Doctor James Andrews now what you have watched a lot of the practices. Describe to us what you have seen in terms of his progression from the OTA days when he was practicing kinda sort out with some of the injured players. To now where he is apparently going forego. I really you know -- if you wanna boil down to one thing. He ended in that in the spring he was he was arm throwing a lot he really wasn't quite planning that that back that back foot on that injured me. Now he's got to -- -- despite -- Ron Jaworski may say the other might be a pitcher to on the mechanics. Here there. But you know I think -- he's got his throwing motion back he's using his whole body. Not just the arm result more accurate stronger throws but they looked a -- me in a mini camp either. Archie got imagine running backs and -- -- a guy who obviously. Is -- a battle even draft -- -- or running backs I like both Jamison and Chris Thompson the injury to Richard Crawford. In the return ability of -- to kinda. Boost his stock did because of injuries everywhere -- hasn't been able to play that much that during the pre season on me. Tomorrow -- a big game forever -- And you know what maybe not just on -- from scrimmage but on special teams -- on Williams who if they keep a fourth running back. -- there there that's who he's in competition with the for that job and appears. On isn't solid proven very good special team rosters played at some. But maybe you know they're pretty close to running back there might look at -- special teams abilities a tiebreaker. But as much as Mike Shanahan -- turn over Speights in the ball. On the carpet all the field Chris Thompson is Paul Boldin back to back games and yes he's got some explosive ability. But year old us. I I think you go I don't know if you play him a whole lot from scrimmage begin with could you've got Alfred Morris you've got royally junior try to get some limited plays from from scrimmage. And -- you just -- -- -- -- he holds onto the ball on on returns you know he's he's a guy is a flaw you might have to work through it. On the defense might have to stiffen up after turnover turnover too early in the season until he really just an act. The numbers are what you got to juggle he's very with numbers I know that but. Behind closed doors Redskins. Coaching staff and everybody gonna have to figure out the best 53 and go to the back in the area of the defense which is really gonna focus. And you lose Richard Crawford probably opened the door for chased many -- but are there any surprises maybe -- in the backfield yeah. I think you might -- safety might have to keep five safeties as well because of the status of Brandon meriwether. You know we don't know he's he's gonna he's supposed to play tonight. But you know Mike Shanahan offered no guarantees for him being ready for them to go against the Eagles self. You know I think last year they used to. Yellow rotation with Reed Doughty and gendarmes and Jordan Pugh. You know you might need to keep all three -- -- -- and create those guys around in case meriwether is. Is active. The is enacted those first few weeks it's horrible they're pushing the ball snapped. CSN Washington dot com.

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