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Mike London and UVA ready to face BYU



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Thu, 29 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com well I think he's prepared. As bad as if he's gonna be ready and you know we have complete confidence and it. You know he's going to be able to call the plays make got a Bulls make the reads and do things necessary. To put our offense in a position to score points in position. You know two of the kick field goals I think Davis and a great job of just getting ready for this moment for this opportunity. Well I think like any relationship you know the key thing is get get a chance to know each other. And having gone to sprained the other early part of August camp. You know there's a familiarity with the coaches and with the players and the players -- the coaches and I think it there's trust -- to have that you know when you implementing. -- reduced team's offense defense special teams. As we've been able to do do that and forge a relationship and bond that players trust the coaches and now we have planned -- to go in. And now so we'll see how it unfolds on the on the 31 -- a lot of confidence that you have because of players there are so excited about. Opportunities for the that this proceed with the season presents itself on BYU is is a great team. You know Kotchman -- and a fantastic job than they have. All kind of you know pretty she's all Americans and watch this candidates. You know the one of the best teams in college football also. It's it's it's a privilege and honor to have them in Charlottesville. You know but that's got stadium so our players really excited about the challenge. And the opportunities for great season what you look at it and there's no question that their defense is. It's outstanding I mean last year they were you know number two in total defense number three in rushing you know. Rushing defense. Number two in -- points you know points limited offense is so. They have a bevy of of characters you know what it's up front you know in the linebacker noise. Who was butkus award. Hendricks award and he's he's all kind of you know pre season you can go watch list so. -- their front seven this is is very mature. The big. They're 34 defense. And now they they play well -- rubs the ball so I think their defense you know not to overlook their office but I think their defense is excellent. You know I've I believe I believe so me and obviously. There to make tough decisions what happened last year but new coaches coaches of considerable reputation. An indoor facility -- rivals you know no other in college football. Schedule that's challenging a recruiting that he's experienced in the results of all of the progressive -- and getting the schedules and then -- facilities. The coaching staff so there's an excitement about about what's going soft things only few tickets tickets left. For this game in in so the communities rallied around. This program teams so it's just you know we're ready to play and August 31 is the first opportunity to do so. CSN Washington dot com.

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