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Did Shanahan put the RG3 story to rest?



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Fri, 30 Aug 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. To bring in tar -- this year. To talk about a little more Mike Shanahan had a chance to put this all to rest and just say Roberts can start Monday night against eagle but he didn't do that. You know it was one of the stranger news comes up in a part of I thought for sure that Mike Shanahan would have been -- -- if you would have been expansive -- would have praised. RG -- work ethic and how you know this gonna give the team a collective boost going forward. Instead he let -- -- hang in trip to the winner for another few days you have to wonder if this is all rooms I mean he's just trying to get. Into the head of a rookie head coach Chip Kelly and make him prepare for one more quarterback. Just even if it's for a few days just to put that point that little seed of doubt in his mind you as he starts prepping for the Redskins we want. So little gamesmanship in the NFL shocking a shocking news to think about that and now we still to go into next week. Asking the players ask Robert and asking my began. Is he ready house than me what's an update lot of -- rhetorical this year Ron -- let's go back here. CSN Washington dot com.

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