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Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com I'm Jason often on the I'm trying to make it back. I'm John little. I'm more along the way we. Career. What -- -- and even after all these years. -- Comcast sports -- This is team. -- -- -- at the palm restaurant. So our new best friend Brian Orakpo. Anyway I you hear cheers too seriously that is lemonade was just -- -- I don't want Cheney be upset about it than once that. While also like to have arms like that. And seriously how many of those all you got to go right into the arms and. Don't write the jobs in this area mom really hope colemans are you learn to listen this is here and not you know you know how they -- I'll Milledge is the young hammer I don't know messages on them my. And I put it right answer to the minute I never loses -- appearances. Those arms look like eyes you have as CM yeah -- a minor little bit I had Tyson did -- touch me being a clothes off and played well the no what does that what does this say. Though one is -- Warriors. -- -- award is a little like fears line and we used was unbelievable. That I go through Monday may right. On the back. -- movies did you sort of -- -- are you if you could see the guys have got a and then of the sub back because Texas there I mean Jesus Christ -- was on ninth in the limo -- were in the regular American cars. Who following yelled to me you don't like buying that horoscope nonsense -- -- man up the line look cooler months and I thought it was sold it to resolve it is so I don't know. The Warriors as your last name crack -- news warrior warrior press. You're Nigerian -- imagine and his sense of -- you're born here though right you. Present recent -- tomorrow parents can risen from Rogers. There and you know -- remember than my assistant came over here you know we'll Bourn of Houston Texans and some in the holes through my isn't so when you hear names that are translated. But you -- playing one of the matter -- -- like does your brother or sister have like a -- one like -- doesn't like Warriors -- -- name. Man I've forgotten. The way my pants down there and splendid tools that are every name has its own meaning. You know -- particularly with the with the right Poland whom this is my movement in the home schoolers one of them you know kind longer worried you know men's souls. And husband's very involves. Romo career from all lies you know us know number of businesses -- -- there are very but not there all the you know operas -- business. They're meeting put on me as well I'm Ryan -- that -- Brian -- I'm in the lead and I'm in his 2000 Brian probably more than that he and thousands are murder committed. Obviously you know -- little higher there -- hero. It was a lot of yeah. It's a lot of heroes. Yeah -- think about what your life would be like if you were born and raised in Nigeria. I'll think about that every now and then you know because like yourself the Spurs have arisen born here you know. American descent you know I don't know that made him a lot of blogs and a lot of different houses in -- winner. You know I don't know you Dotson to go back. -- one last -- amendment has been used old movies and nobody goes. Just see you know just to have them over there and you know it's a -- is one of the better home. This is an embarrassing question but it is another really really nice parts of -- I had no idea. Is that they're really nice -- I felt I thought. There's nothing. Great hall of there's no leaves Burgos been through a man who -- you. Didn't correctly you do have nice sports but then obviously you do have and of course was a lot of poverty and a lot of you know street soon. Are terrible drive and and you know you have your -- in the you know yesterday engines parts but you know you think could -- the dangers fluids and everything around here you know you go over your legs your movement in. Who's you know. Does you look like you know minor leagues you know. -- table -- how weird is it that. Your offense. I went fail when you were freshman. Guy's game this is available in the sixth for a number. You eight years go -- Can -- and you try to relax and over there. By the five start cooling experts -- -- cap crunch -- home with a five start technician table manners is -- you are blinded DC lottery winners lots of people win. -- You know I'm always opponents -- Start taking -- to see if -- to fix my friend got dismal past problem and my alarm not working -- -- five start techniques. He's an easy thing we've got it's not just anyone can be a spot start technician golf -- makes him for good crowd Metcalf dot com. -- Yeah. First -- yeah. This. Okay. -- defense Williams from the DC lottery -- -- the thrill of winning instantly. Don't go anyway junkies will be right back with -- more table manners. The stars. It turns people off the we just have this military. You don't want it. And it. Yeah. The I'm secret window they're built specifically for our unique climate and their -- local factory to help keep you fresh air conditioning and in the summer heed our call today for the trade offer. -- -- He graduated taxes I'm guessing parents that come from Nigeria put pressure to succeed. In all aspects of life including education graduate -- ugly seventeen right. Yeah -- graduated always lulls when I remember is -- close you know. Both graduated everything on time we know one thing about my parents never person moved up I actually does not just sports in my own. I don't never person to play football or play basketball was -- that I do early. You know they always emphasize graduate and being great mysteries of being have been great to -- -- and is doing good doing. As much as I can succeed in school there and and woes and sports awards and -- excellent putting pressure -- yeah I would -- academically have been Oakland Athletics absolutely and I like to sit out one minute. They don't wanna go from playing football when Zorn is seeing all of them have minded. You know we don't know -- got to start playing football until moves moves and don't go most is Minnesota gro plant kiwi pub one run into all -- supposed to know it. Jones' goals and come out of conference and they really focused on academics and. But -- -- -- -- help select -- me. I would tell huge -- A -- yeah I was I was always told -- to amongst my -- but -- remember the wide big QB not really about. Guns the guns weren't they weren't there but not quite there you are there today and it is there -- meetings about it and I would have one long sleeved shirt and hang. What about the third you're doing those and not I've -- around and that's fun out guns out. Well I must be amazed you're but I never imagined her arms -- are out of I have messed -- -- -- bottom up putts that mastermind. So we ask them if -- -- YouTube videos of Brian curling. It didn't look like -- he wanted to -- the Dallas though there was a moment and what was so we ask takes what he thought he could bench. And spending. Your best and smaller and navy won 35 on the side I think got a bucket team bought this team. Third are other yeah he was probably I don't know what -- you might Mac. Salvador wraps up over the Matt Russell Aston dom knows what we could just press -- don't know who case and I said could he needs. Classic could do forties beset. And supported lavender -- yeah yeah importance I think you -- -- it will be stressed legislating is spotter yeah. Add to your question if he's a man and I'm. -- I did probably before you very much like Iraq and I don't remember. Ask about that there. RC I tell your back against the Rams and in Saint Louis -- went -- all right and then I don't think our member was you tore your Jersey off. And you were rant and rave and scream and on the sideline like he wanted to eat everybody in the standard -- -- -- son or your not happy. This wouldn't have -- closers I want that Taylor asked about the thing. -- -- -- -- -- Is -- -- -- the injury to somebody -- stronger harbingers. They're really good and tomorrow -- and having -- expect a very dangerous tomorrow very. There's no frustration there bills though lit up out of their afternoons as soon that I had -- -- brown. -- roots -- in reverse happens soon Lesnar is -- Underwood is. You know -- uses those -- and we liked your army and so whistles that happen already knew what Tom rule is already knew there wasn't and the good news. Once how weird is it that. Your offensive leader RG three of these guys want to bail. When you were freshmen attacks you guys games and this is to Baylor when we played Purdue will come on up I have time. Losers of two. Well they decided deplored -- experience for -- that's what big boosts our consumers coming out of tomorrow in the first indifference about the second played a guy ran eighty yards Bono ops in something play didn't -- -- -- beat everybody around me so. -- people who years by Sosa. -- -- -- Because I want Charles Barkley. And they came back. And that's really a whole lot we throw line. Out -- -- his radio and now exceeding what. Men you know I'm always included few. Started taking me shoot he can you fix my friend got dismal past problem and my lines not working and -- on a five star techniques. He's an easy thing we've got us not just anyone. -- you five -- -- called Kerr meg yeah for good crowd Metcalf dot com. -- the action includes W. -- quality. We're taking a short break for our crews hard at work behind the scenes with K. But please can be got twelve dollars or six dollars -- or Aaron frank did yeah. Don't be surprised -- -- -- to choose to pay more probably taken much for your wireless -- right now if you switch to cricket you can get unlimited plans for half the price of 1818 horizon they need to do more with the money you save every month. What movie days you made a wise choice popular as a fine -- really yeah what's terrible is my favorite movie. So many so many layers switched to cricket in unlimited plans for half the price of AT&T and Verizon -- hell have to really is more African. -- -- You play high school football we should worry about getting engineers and always look at suited for books yet -- -- play defense yeah. Yes you did not want to play and often the most wonderful book -- -- obviously also as a player who wanted to give him his. So while you're playing defense may be easier for her to make pitchers there's no -- -- in the could come into one balloon payments have taken so. I do decide how to distribute the wealth yeah. Let's talk about the money it was and I know I don't. The only clue sort of a joke the realization of the pants over -- 120. Million dollar whatever it is OK he got some cousins and Brothers and I'm -- take care undergraduate extend. Yeah to an extent and king James you know go crazy with the -- going to broke dogs you figure you immediate families today -- you are you just bounce Alou is okay yeah. They come out and ask you for money. Maybe the president alone you know the situation and your brother your sister. -- my Brothers is that they don't my family's been blessed to have -- them it's where they're not loses. Bombarded with requests all the time -- you move you wouldn't believe how many times people in this league you have to work camera camera can't make our guys and -- -- -- Like disagreements -- Lions lost without blocks I'm in due time. In this league pace same old supremely groove lose. It's not on this car that I had from you know saying -- time you know you -- -- want -- -- the -- bit. That are in need of people are -- wouldn't you know Colombo -- but I don't know lose money but at the same time. You have some -- you you have that in line and people you know no one was the one. I'd like he just dropped a domineering. And I just happened to get up on it you know you can be doing that -- towel under probably and automatically. Do they Chad Johnson deal we're good as a player players and by the cubic zirconium and he just -- my -- I thought the inaugural I would bet 100 I'm mark -- -- -- clear eateries and in my closet Mets -- you know Buffalo weren't for breakfast vocal some players guys filed earlier as many don't came over under no I just don't I've probably got to clear of already. Number are you begin to associate. Like not -- like you're knocking them on Twitter now -- No room now what Tom of old school he's Smart he's an Angels you know obviously -- -- at home watching the game was on the moment is McGregor. And then I'm missing them to a motive and we took them I don't know that's a good -- it is not dark -- I think -- -- things -- -- 40000 squeezed. -- there. Seeing an accident but crime unit that he lives for the and it's on the being addicted to golf knows he's addicted to deliver Bears mean I think very few very easily. Are you about when they're awfully addicted to Twitter I like the information superhighway I enjoy the Internet okay is the answer is yeah -- it. Yes I do like that -- like gambling very heavily. Lot of money and I did admit I've had a regular yet. This guy had a good enough for a locker room -- this got all. Along the bucks they'll put fifteen hired on. You know eighteen Busch holds whatever it is I don't even know -- you -- some. Paparazzi and that's what what's your best score by about -- the score you know their best game had passed -- madness that's all terribly. Really talk percentages if you want -- probably not do a new group do bug going misses finished third. Students and -- -- -- just have confidence I don't compared to say that and they all say well. -- of this symbol blackjack is terrible wouldn't for some reason I'm doing terribly Woodward's a couple of records rig and our team. Do you think he'll put pressure on your. Kids to be good athletes known her through Europe it's an impression it's amazing what your kids. Are going to be exposed to. Compared to what you were exposed as compared to what your parents were exposed to bill the difference in the generations. And -- trees they're gonna happen. You know there's cruised through different. -- -- -- I learned that he -- to make them work like in the Summers or Kmart target -- -- I can't allotment a mom had a yanks get a free ride I'm not going minimum -- will -- -- them. Of their -- alive with a saying from. I don't know what it takes to. To work hard and do -- -- -- lose themselves when and there's always a good streak them alternative for me. There you -- ventured over. Series -- his now doesn't matter. Let's talk about Albert he's got some -- there's Bloomberg News and normally I know winning -- -- and don't trust me -- -- -- and -- Albers not a lot at that level is that like was that really assert is. You lose different minerals crazy remember when he called you do school knew who never asked us the Bulls and -- I don't know -- I'm. There's -- nervousness goes and it's hard on the coast is all of minded but it. I'll let -- well maybe is great government all the camera and that's not the guy that doesn't do a lot of what the current he's got great. He's a great golf to give Manny so you'll -- Logan and Al's review -- -- to take accumulate you know use. But younger and he's taken me all the time and and so -- sooners in certain ways I'm not someone just football loses invited from the bottom of the lose and everything looked. Gone out of date to it had to go out there. Got to go up first numbers and figures out. So you remember the one play where Albert went down they can get up quarterback screenwriter. It's. That they were very good at all but when you go to defensive meetings the next day and you're watching the film. I believe the coach is -- reason why I'm play rookie Y and -- -- I does that work. We gave him head over there and obviously we all do human development. We did we -- it's none of them I mean what it would spill in the fun -- little light -- -- it. How would you know you can do it our way in on me communicate really saw that saw a good job of army the guys whose. It was a really what you want little -- McDowell I've already paid for me and the guys he's huge he's Massa so -- do you really. Police say you're. Is coming up -- Another great -- all of us. Fourth got Donovan. Regularly first and really. Blue -- and I. And that was done about. Well Albert didn't have it. I can talk to anyone as much as I want to hear come escape us. Solid and why my limited when -- making an actual cost of being in fact I meant that it. That's why -- the world with one mile race from the -- at all. And I can call myself in the best sales. I'm sorry it's. -- volley -- crazy to give you a minute long distance. -- bridge on the -- dot com. They don't touch that remote table manners is coming right back and -- best. Through that if I don't look for it. Great gas mileage and the latest. Did you look. Just refinance. Ask for a McKenzie is and how does drugs for twenty years and I don't have anything to him. I needed that loses formed around military and that was that stroke throws man throws thrown I don't -- you -- a minute I saw pictures in middle school you had those. I had to work you development -- what did you see new moves and realize and lose that you know me and so. Told a news is all wurtman homework on these drugs I shot. -- -- isn't fun and it's hard to attack minded. You say it's not I don't know why would you do that the teacher came as a T shirt but rod -- and I'm ready for everybody and stuff we wouldn't admit to make that -- -- you visit it is a problem. There's four fruits and she's taking it to affect. Here's the guilty party gunman's -- I'm gonna enjoy this is your idol growing up was a lot to one all right you know to be a basketball player. Yeah did Brian do we give us open. Oh pretty good amount of room roots are usually -- -- in no way in the shooting our guns. Rebounds and rebounder and I had been. Could handle you know having Iguodala did you have -- jumper. Know what did you -- -- -- did we -- rejected was there one girl got away from you ever. I had a bunch. I was sick is -- -- none of them and then like one drop all you're studying basketball stud and and football and from -- and he got to Texas I gotta believe homeland. I'll -- probably -- -- zeroed boat one because he goes -- mirror and throws so. So I -- -- Antarctica in the zones he was within a matter of Blazers open and New Orleans could do it still wasn't that clear girls you met during my math class boat resumes the -- OK okay. Our rules on when I was -- do that is a long way accidentally play Disney song I've played doubles tennis and high school very Decker -- his career. Cy Young ladies are. Beating on the door and I feel like it's if it weren't -- did you have not welcomes an NFL moment where you -- you -- -- your rookie season like last I just sacked someone zone. I don't even Tom Carter apparently. -- -- like man in the of them wounded no word on me so while I'm not cannot do that a deal was strays b.s to argue only as good. You know and do films is all blurred that I just can't remember a -- go but I think I would say. When I say Britain or two ago before we don't use them and remember falling definitely made a couple times to pump yep they are not paid to your putting wasn't known where one of sort of forced to move him up. Did take me sacked those guys in the standings is. Thanks as all of his bat involved an annuity and put him partners songs he wasn't. There's volumes as linemen you knew you probably pumping fuel that's. And you fall Letterman that it hurt me revealed no book that it hurt real good. Here so that's the job better commercial games RG three. Was some way hands or is yeah. And Geico caveman and third Verizon team. Lombardi is doing a good decision to what people know you're from -- came and Parcells. I've been a Redskins fan at all -- I wouldn't say that with our new face probably they -- the face from the guy go and all that stuff that I do -- It's always boo -- 2008 welfare is not really football fans I get a lot of sins from two. What's the K man's first name from nor does -- -- you know you didn't actually I do whether it's been a while monopoly -- actor. As an actor that I was less -- -- is there are other G Mac act like the caveman had a name like Joseph -- No it's on my parents who many thought actually you didn't hear about yeah I don't know I don't relievers. We do we actually spent a couple days ago that we do pursued through commercials. And I've forgotten the million joked that if -- Now yeah actually I guess you didn't. A little bit and we got a big boys now. And I June -- and -- yeah I struggled to move now you're pushing the good news a bit while he probably needs lessons you don't. It's let's give him strokes. Onto my wife Monica and political mine are a play for money you need to -- about. Everybody strokes my oldest got bet a lot of right now you play and whom do yeah instantly got. I -- those fundamental I have learned a few years ago they paid strokes -- the onto the ball and I think the first time you played -- all it is almost -- -- and I'm not gonna try to -- go out of bounds on Romans is. -- you don't. On the play all of my golf that's an angle where our game I don't know whether you leaders through some news on -- -- Q school. I don't keep score -- out on the I'm real excited we're only. He whatever you BA's rules and then we keep score you do these things are purple and a problem girl. Yeah our whole night on the whole eight. God I -- I don't know your opponent on the Obama put him on this problem I did my irons. They're reasonably well here here's to our our first round of golf is. Power and too many future Pro -- yes thank you Brian and Brandon is okay here is here. Some quarterbacks out there that you know are scared. Thank you know there's here. There -- I don't want to go you know what can do about it probably threw me. But Brandon. My new to everybody -- tonight they look a little bit out of legend. Who have -- regular. An outstanding -- weren't -- don't know what is. And I look at it. CSN Washington dot com.