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What are the Redskins' "concerns" with RG3?



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Fri, 30 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. So now we want to welcome in our Redskins blogger for CSN Washington dot com rich Chandler rich I gotta ask you what do you make of these concerns. It seems like you can make out on just about anything you want. -- know some war came out and it you know and it ended its about more the style of play. Then the knee itself now that doesn't trouble directions -- Robert protecting himself is at the plate calling. Is it more than that I mean who knows everybody is guessing your room everybody's speculating at this point but. Yeah I do think there is is good reason for concern is he's 23 years old he's had he's had to. ACL repairs so. You know I think of doctor Andrews is a concern I think there's something wrong mayor rather than hit him had some concern even if the knee is sound. So tell me you've been covering this story for what seems like an eternity deep -- is kind of a power play here for Mike Shanahan that it's up to only him not RG three and not even doctor enters. -- look the last time the doctor Andrews gave argued the green light and argue she's RG three's and he would go was last January 6 at FedEx Field. The results were pretty that was disastrous. So I think Mike Shanahan is this this time to say OK I mean step back I'm gonna take my time anything yet. You can call the power play he can call proceeding cautiously you can you can call it what you will. But -- I think my team and wants to go flow. For for a number of reasons to show he's in charge to show it's his decision so you know again call it what you will I think it's just proceed with caution. -- -- real quick I got asked is RG three. Gonna flip out if he's not the starter someone else's starting against the Eagles what I think there's that a tiny tiny -- some of that happening I think everybody agrees that. That Ronald is more than likely play but yeah I'm. I'll think you'd be happy that he wasn't happy about sitting out that single game in Cleveland when he defeated the barely you know you could not move around very well they've -- all. On the football field itself. Would there be -- negative reaction you I'd say red meat checked in their their RG three crowned and Twitter that's for sure no doubt about it I can imagine he would have something to say about that thanks so much for joining us. Rich Taylor thank you. CSN Washington dot com.

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