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Could Cal Ripken, Jr. manage the Nationals?



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Fri, 30 Aug 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Welcome back to the baseball show I'm Brian -- that was when juniors a ball here in Baltimore. -- 21 years and -- you know from hitting 431. Career homers to breaking baseball's all -- to -- in games played streak. And for the -- arrived -- now also beloved fans right here in DC. -- -- has -- close to the game since his retirement but of late he's considered a possible role as a manager. What David definitely been asked after this season Ripken didn't make rule out making a move sell them and I -- Philly fans of both both nets have a good -- of Ripken became the Mets manager come next season. That's -- bit responded with a simple yes please. Can't be as -- to treated it will be incredible he won't let anyone take off days even this spring training and he wouldn't stand for me it's a -- At -- fanatics that it will be good for count cut his -- elsewhere have been absent for the Orioles. With Buck Showalter retires. And that's from my head 120 through this is what -- used to move all together. You know he belongs in the -- -- organization. The best -- it ended this discussion these are -- me. -- next how would it -- to put on another uniform Griffin reply. I have no idea I'm sure -- become a -- ideally you want to do with the Orioles which you have to look at who opportunities. That would do for this week's baseball we've been a -- CSN Washington dot com.

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