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What has fueled Washington's August turnaround?



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Fri, 30 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com how about this since August the ninth all of a sudden. The team that we thought they were gonna look like mark Zuckerman. Look at that for the Dodgers who have been so good I think historically good and that's right there with them over the last three weeks. It into an awful lot of things better -- hit it finally. The -- guys in the lineup two through five went ten for fourteen collectively in the final game against the Marlins while. That's what you need from the hall -- punks and they are finally getting that. The pitching has actually fallen off a little bit they've had some really good starts in their -- Gonzales and a great one but towards a woman hasn't been quite as good ski instructors and it really weird Summers either. Nine innings or two innings for whatever reason. The bullpen still little bit shaky but they are finally collectively the talent -- showing up and they're playing the way everybody expected them to all along it's just a question of isn't too little too late. Guys like you beat reporters former executives players you live 162. C never really get too high too low but this just seemed really have a look just. A legitimate shot. After everything they've gone through to get through the month of September and be ready to place -- October baseball. I think they are going to make it interest and and because the schedule is very favorable to them number one they got their next sixteen games now against the Mets. The Marlins and the Phillies they have beaten up. On these bad team since the all star break so that's the window of opportunity there but they've got to play out of their minds now -- better than two out of three that -- win the rest of season. And they need somebody else from the central to fall back whether Cincinnati or somebody else so it's still a long shot but. They're not worried about that they're going around playing baseball to have fun they're glad they're finally playing the way everyone thought they would. And I know I agree overall that and really if you look at a season if there's a lot of times over each month you play 500 baseball or brick or maybe a little bit over. And then you have a hot streak maybe it's a row maybe it's ten in a row and there at that point now where yeah would jump like they had seen this back and got -- on June where you feel good about yourself absolutely but now when you have the advantage of the schedule the way it looks right now. And you go on this run right now. I don't think it's out of this stretch of of possibilities just we just saw these last ten games they picked up four games on a couple that's wild card contenders three and another. And going on that run of again ten game stands. They can go another eighteen to in his next ten stretch. And there's no reason why they couldn't pick up another three games those other teams are playing against each other Cincinnati Pittsburgh Arizona playing against some tougher teams so. It is not out of the realm of possibility to cut this relievers heard this deficit in half again and now that boy -- a lot of fun will be the last three or four weeks was. CSN Washington dot com.

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