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Randy Edsall not surprised by Brown's performance


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Sat, 31 Aug 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Coach we didn't see any signs of that ACL injury in CJ brown he really did it all today were you surprised by his good performance. Not really you know I thought that. Well I was hoping this is how I would come out and play because of you how hard he's worked and how hard he's prepared. You know to come back so you know I'm just tickled to death. You know for him to come back and you know because he showed us in practice this was -- things that he could do that you didn't see any. Any signs him. You know not being ready to play with the ACL and did you see the the level of maturity and can just see the command that he had so no it didn't surprise me but. I'm very pleased with what he did. Stephon showed us that he is going to do everything it takes to get into the end -- without impressive. Cats and under the run for the touchdown tell me it would see in his work ethic what is it about Stephon that makes every play so important this is the. Very competitive young man you know he's got the attitude that. Every every time I touch the ball to be a touchdown now we've. We've got to try to telling me that that's not always gonna happen and it might be better just to catch the ball go up the field so trying to reverse the field and and you know but he he just wants to make plays happened. You know he did again today kick -- return. Carried the ball in the option -- receiving the ball in the he's just so dynamic and he's so versatile. CSN Washington dot com.

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