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Riggo on the Range: If you can't get a bear, get lobster!



  1. New Hampshire0:14
  2. Maine0:14, 1:34
  3. Bears1:29
  4. Washington0:02, 2:12
  5. Obama's1:45
Sun, 1 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Don't end up with a -- me that you know but lanes got loud stat so that's not such a bad way to go after all. We saw -- on me at Maine and New Hampshire border there. And I was there the Peter was his name who manageable than the lobsters told me. -- for twenty minutes and little salt to the water and you be good to go so that's eleven it looked -- and -- thought now we're gonna have dinner about. 25 minutes. Played. Okay another play. Welcome to our philosophy -- you know we've just got back from our main bear on didn't -- better. In -- no Bears were harmed on this. Foray into the great state of Maine that we did. Come up with I think what most of us will agree was a substitute. To will be acceptable. -- you're okay at. Obama's -- in different OK. We're good. Everybody come around and get ready. As that. Well the -- -- ready and so -- the world to me right now we thank you for joining us this week would go on the range and we look forward to see you next week we have another. Pleasure and the field and at the tape we'll spend. CSN Washington dot com it.