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NFL analyst Cris Collinsworth speaks on RG3


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Tue, 3 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com it is all systems go for Robert -- a -- -- -- or monsters are crazy setback between now and Monday. Are about your qualifying statement we get better out of the way. What does go me well there are no limitations -- being placed on Robert in the third. But NBC's Chris Collins -- believes things might -- a little different. I don't think that he yeah. Asked to run the football to be successful I thought that's what he proved last season that he is more than this mobile quarterback running the read option. I really believe that he now is is to the point where if you decide to sit in the pocket and play. There would be an issue now. Is that going to be the full. What we've seen out of RG three in the past maybe not now but I'm gonna be really surprised if he takes a major step down physically now not playing in any pre season games may hurt his timing for a week or two or three. Bit physically I think he's going to be fun. CSN Washington dot com.