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Redskins practice squad is 'unique'



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Mon, 2 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. After the Redskins roster moves were announced they went to work. On their practice squad in the practice squad ironically enough you. But -- of that portion. After you make your final cuts after you decide on your final 53 bullet that portion of the season where you're gonna try to build a practice squad of players who. Can help you -- practice. And run the scout team but also are available acacia -- injury could bring someone on board now practice squad players. Can't be plucked off the practice squad by other teams if there are placed on a 53 man roster. So there's an indication that might happen to one of the Redskins practice squad players this is -- -- decide whether they let them go or they can keep them. By promoted them that there 53 man roster in the west. Is is a little unique because. They're all players that the Redskins had to -- OTA's had during the mini camps. And had them at Richmond during training camp and had here. For the final weeks of camp will cult of a linebacker out of Nebraska he showed a lot of promise started 37 games in his career with the cornhuskers. Hard nosed linebacker. And he makes -- practice squad Domonique Campbell that a defensive linemen we've grown familiar with. Big young kid raw skills and -- want Jamison in the draft pick out of Rutgers. Showed some flashes during the pre season he is on the redskins' practice squad as as Lance Louis. This second tour of duty with the Redskins and this year he sticks. On the practice squad have heard so much about -- many feel the -- cavalier at the University of Virginia. Anyway I -- surprisingly cut but he is part of the practice squad so. Could be eligible to return down the -- the big offensive linemen Xavier Nixon out of Florida. Highly touted at the beginning of the offseason that maybe needs a little more grooming and also the offensive lineman to -- to Stevens. Who a lot of people think is the best young -- -- -- -- redskins' roster he's got a lot of ability again. Needs the -- to groove a little bit needs to mature a little bit. And Nick Williams we saw that what that ninth spot returned a little wide receiver out of Connecticut who plays big. And again and again -- usual the Redskins. Practice squad all players that were with the -- during training camp. No exceptions. CSN Washington dot com.

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