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What happens if a Redskins player changes his number?



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Tue, 3 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com it's. Plus equipment you'll get -- little history about number changes we've cut down the roster from 9253. Players. The biggest obstacle we have with the signing Jersey numbers is we have thirteen retired numbers that we can't use a guy like Nick Barnett. Came to us very late in camp in Richmond when we already had a nine man roster. So -- had available for him was number ninety but the way the hierarchy goes it's pretty much you get your name in first. Some becomes available I'd like to have and we try to work with a guy that way and it came to us he said you know I know I got here late at night it out -- that ninetieth I can. Another number in the fifties became available so all we did. Was we took the -- little -- here. Took off his number ninety Jersey and we're gonna make him a 55 Jersey NFL has to know by September the third there's no number changing. Prior to the first regular season game no -- numbers changing for an entire year. And even after that especially in nine or ten year -- like nick we'd have to ask for permission if he's 55 this year and wants to change next year. The whole set of who she got a job to do that something in this case it worked out -- -- you were happy for him invited it. CSN Washington dot com.