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Mike Florio expects Redskins to contend in NFC East



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Tue, 3 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. The Redskins went on a remarkable run last year led by Robert for Mulder who now has not played -- significant football games since getting hurt in January. Around the league. Are they now considered the favorite for the NFC east -- their drop off because the concern of our history. I think that the NFC east is viewed as wide open and they can throw the four teams back in the play there. You play sixteen regular season games and you see who pops out of it even though the Redskins have a lot of continuity. The thinking is that the NFC east is so evenly matched. Did any of those four teams even the Eagles with new coach Chip Kelly can find a way to win that division. It's CSN Washington dot com.

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