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Tue, 3 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com you know whatever it is I'll make -- come back. A healthy from I'm farther ahead this time I was last time so I'm -- that's just my experience whether he's a great -- for our franchise in Canada. We're looking forward to next season Sunday. Everybody starts no movement. Couple of the data from the first week -- my phone. 2000 -- since then if I'm ready to go we won tonight play. I'm not ready to go -- tonight and swallow my pride and not. I feel very good Roberts. And your starter on Monday night unless there's some crazy -- that we don't anticipate. Our big story tonight it's all systems go for Robert -- in the third after just eight months of three out of the drama is over and now we can get to what's really important. -- but he is he really ready when Monday night just six days away and after pre season on the sidelines. Is Robert that got it to the NFL by storm last year. We're just the guy looking to shake -- eight months of Iraq. One thing is for sure it all starts right now. It's CSN Washington dot com.