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RG3, offensive weapons should gel early Monday



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Wed, 4 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com but it's time now for four downs to get the very latest. We -- -- chick Hernandez who joins us from -- -- chick. You know how the rules are we're going for -- on fourth down but first down is very simple Redskins deployed a ton of weapons for RG three Monday night. Question -- -- how Shanahan final rhythm with Griffin the third and his teammates after zero snaps and. The recent. I think so there's no question that it -- just got an out of a pre season in college went on when the Heisman Trophy. And last year what the -- 3132. Run pass and plays during the pre season. And it up as the rookie of the year in the National Football League so pre season doesn't mean a whole lot plus they've gone up tempo -- Robert Griffin the third this year during the last two weeks. -- last season album -- finished second in the NFL in rushing. Trailing only the great Adrian Peterson not bad for sixth round rookie from Florida Atlantic and what can he do for an on core. That's a great question Chris luckily for backs rookie backs are going of the 16100 yard mark -- season. Otis Anderson George Rogers and the hall of Famer Eric Dickerson only one of those guys was better in his second year. That was Eric Dickerson who tallied 2100 yards. Ended up in hall of fame to big question for out for more but if if I say. Robert Griffin the third and now for work to get looked like they did last year and defense is still can't have a read option look for the big year from -- Clarkson let's chat about those Eagles Redskins opening week opponent Michael Vick he won the starting quarterback job edging out Naples. Vicks passer rating is the best vs the skins all time at 110. Point five. How all that Chip Kelly up tempo offense affect. The Redskins defense. But they're really good question look the way that my chance handle it as all through training camp back in Richmond and here they go with the herbal offence against that Redskins defense of their used to. The quick temple plays. They say it's too good to -- words conditioning. And competition but conditioning and communications sorry and those two things and as did all told me a little while ago but the -- got a conditioning will win the game. What has that super ball four on fourth down here aren't very -- field. Is a reliable run stopper we know that deeply hurt. He's a total team player recently restructured his contract but he's dealing with that hand injury. How much you think will that affect him Monday night against. Well he's got to eat up space that's what very -- supposed to do he's he told me look. The -- that is -- -- their -- on guys get all the way it might affect them is trying to prevent the O line guys and getting to that second line of defense you might use your hands there but look. He is Barry Cofield right now being called club -- When I was a that's a I definitely could see that -- if we went for a fourth down you executed quite well my friend thank you very much for joining personal seat at Redskins kick off coming up on Monday night. Deserved. CSN Washington dot com.