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Rookie RB Thompson living dream role with Skins



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Wed, 4 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com how fast you process and information out there. AA Israel fast for me on cast upon pars and then just just look at the defenders and everything else is. Basically come naturally have to you know plan a game for so many years as it is. Something is that second nature. Number 25 club right now what 25. Arm. -- this one any number in the twenties and actually cow sent and he joke on me a little bit thing and that that was fullback moment and I had I had to send -- definite. Tell us little bit about yourself the fans are excited about what you bring to this football team -- to tellem. Where you're from something about yourself. Com I'm from Greeneville Florida real small town and you know in the Florida been there on. Basically -- my life arm grew mom my step dad -- step -- been in my life since I was period -- -- remember house probably about father say fast there remember it's -- -- -- he tell me -- out one day you're on. You son -- be some special. And he not ask Theo. I steal believe day you know I have a hole. Long ways to go feel good -- every single day I think about that one comment that he made to mean you know he may sheer. Days. Dad didn't want to be outside kitchen a full body you have me out there and some days I'll be crowned bomb. And you just basically to me the second because he. He had me do this staying where I was stand beside him and put my hand in his pocket and he would just sort of bog down field and tell me. You've been not them about testing ground. And usually from right with them right from right beside it and uses the I had. Catch a certain amount about before he let me go back inside. So the third and days like if it was this hot and now attack crying and calm. My mom would be like Murray's let him lead just let him come back and saying he wouldn't let me do it in. You know I'm glad he did now because it -- paid off and I guess. That helped me give must be to really if. So Maurice. Is a special live their life. Oh yeah -- almost definitely. All right so you won a basketball player. Right now -- the sports are joking -- we -- before Obama if Chris isn't the biggest guy that we can actually look each other about it but you played at the sports. Gagne had growing up I played baseball also on a -- right. Starting in about this great and not a way up and. Through high school. So Monday night the big lights so we really don't know what's gonna happen obviously we don't know how. In brutal job you're gonna have but we know you're on the team we know you're part of the squad. What kind of nerves do you think you'll feel and how do you compare that to your first in the Florida State lot of bright lights down there too. Yeah -- my first game at Florida State was Monday night game on and on Labor Day against Miami and then. I guess the difference between -- game in this and I didn't expect to play mom against Miami that that night but my coach put me out there and man I was nervous during that bombed. He not just like those situations this plan under the lights you know on aids has put me back in that high school football -- -- this. Is nothing like high school football on the Friday night where I'm from. That is something. But he had a couple pre season games at FedEx Field that you have that experience -- you get experience on Monday night at FedEx Field the fans -- coming off teams about the big year. Fans are hyped and they should be hyped about this man Chris Thompson working running back for the Redskins how about taking a couple. The house I sure hope so okay -- CSN Washington dot com.