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Tandler: Skins could force turnovers vs. Vick



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Wed, 4 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. -- opening day brings a lot of surprises that you could look at your crystal ball. Talk about that Philly office how efficient can it be the first time out against the Redskins defense. Yeah I I think they'll they'll -- some I think you know Michael Vick. He's been known to create some turnovers I think that's the main thing I I think. I think there I think a lot of plays lot of yards I mean a lot of plays lot of turnovers itself I think that that's one thing you have to look for. But you know they have such good its skilled players that offensive line Jason Peters that was that last year they drafted -- Johnson believe. It's number one at right tackle they're healthy in the interior self and it can be a lot to be dealt with but. I think I think the Redskins will be able to take the ball away. While redskins' defense has lot of couple of sisco -- doubt little awkward here from Barry Cofield on this -- day. How much more sure are you that you will actually get to play at this Aikman. So we're going to let him do today you know we have practice so I hope that have a good -- practice. Like I say -- Coach feels like I'm on a little to -- mobile there. In felt pretty good about. -- -- back in the and the drafts. Do you feel like this defense we look behind you the -- you guys have made the right calls in order to make this a very solid unit look. A couple of we've done better. Literally gotten better on paper and we've gotten better in the pre season but obviously those -- regular seasons who is an entirely different animal. It's -- was so got to continue to come together. So you know we we've got great leadership. And then we also got great -- -- -- guys that are willingly willing to learn better and better every week. And I think that's right recipe for a great defense so. You know we just on the same page and a stay healthy and we we don't see any reason we're ocean view really improved. I'm very ball field had a rest tells that broken hand shaping up. It seemed to be okay he came off the practice field with the big club on the other day I wrote about balance CSN Washington dot com that he -- by game day. He's helped me in my merely have to beggars exposed on it maybe not he said you know what he's in the out there playing he's not gonna use it as any kind of excuse. Little bit later I would tell you about Brian Cushing get a new deal in Houston you've got -- Iraq -- the final year of his deal he got. Ryan Kerrigan is really common and if Iraq spoken stay healthy the Redskins had a bullpen pair of outside linebackers. Yes and I you know they've been they've they've worked you know they could to help each other out so much. Our media this just looking at. The attention that one has Gary you pick your poison basically what goes down to folks too much on Iraq though paragon -- pitching out of the way around rankled at the -- self. It'll be it'll be fun to watch this you know it that happening care as a rookie or he was still learning I think now with the knowledge under his belt. And Orakpo fully healthy -- the should be good ago. And then deuce game. With Kerrigan going down the three point stance gets Brandon Jacobs of the field and of course have in Iraq well back. Makes Kerrigan happening likes number ten being back as well. In game for a long time but opening on Monday Night Football this is the first of think five national games trio. Jets it's pretty cool you know shows the hype that's around the franchise and you know I'm -- Think we all know I have but I you know it's you know it's so it's pretty it's pretty Korda had to have this -- around us was -- I I would have to say it's you know and on number ten and a little something to do with. -- to you right now. It's looking good looks like same old Robert out there making plays and -- Sturm and around thorough and make him passes he's he's looking good but back. What difference does that make for you guys both he just mentally especially. Yeah it's it's a mean it's nice and understood I think for the defense as a whole meant just haven't mentality that -- brings -- is is going to be -- I think I think we all feed off of that. Are you have a lock her mother follow in Europe countdown to kick off series and your questions and answers safety again a question mark ramble looks good what about meriwether. What we we don't know you know it has a knee then he's got to groin. Yeah I I think regardless I I think it's gonna take him awhile to become that player we saw for those 44 snaps against the Eagles. -- Rambo inexperience. I think he can play I think also I mentioned yard I think also see him. Chasing down Calvin Johnson -- DeSean Jackson across the goal line timer Q. Just well he gets ready I think my after the bye week I think you'll have Rambo. You know all schooled up known what he's doing a little better Meriweather hopefully will nursed his way back to health by the end. Could be one of the better safety combat as it combos out there if that falls like that. CSN Washington dot com.

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