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Olaf Kolzig breaks down the Caps goalie situation



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Wed, 4 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com -- thanks for joining us. The one thing that I think a lot of people think about when you think about the caps is two goaltenders. Both young guys both wanted to be number one how do you handle that situation from a mental standpoint when you're dealing with each of these going -- one -- -- they wanna share net. But there's not a whole lot of net for them. Well first and foremost we've got to fantastic. Individuals. For goaltenders. They both respect each other's abilities. You know even when Brady was going through that -- last year. No movie. -- excepting them but he understood the situation with the Braves playing great. And I think -- really respects. Total indifference played together Hershey. On the cup. They know you know he knows what kind of -- he is and you know I tell you guys need to be each other's. Best friends on the team nobody else -- myself understands. You know what you guys go through day in day out basis you guys did you -- -- And at the end of the day is supposed decisions and -- -- you guys go out there not competing against each other you're just going out there. Trying to improve every day tried to. Make an impression on coach and when it's your turn to play giving your team the best chance to win so. I don't think it's going to be an issue that the you know obviously they're young. Sort of have their. Ups and downs but they're becoming more consistent. You'll get more mature and get. The more games they play. You're gonna see more. More consistent. Tonight. Now when your goaltending here for ten years it was pretty much no question you're there every night. That's stability is it seems to have been lacking the last few years where there's been maybe three or four different goaltenders taken number one job. How important is it to you that stability is in there between between the pipes is it sort of comes with teammates what they expect every night. Well as an obviously stability is huge. And Internet doesn't necessarily need to be one guy. You know you saw Chicago last year Ray Emery came -- a fantastic job whenever whenever he was called upon and -- don't -- Corey Crawford got the ball in the playoffs. Both of them. I think they're teammates. What -- One play. As a result. They had that fantastic -- -- that. The record. Starts of the season. And I think the same can be can -- -- I think longer long gone -- the days where we're always -- -- 7275. Games a year and there's so much pressure to win night in night out. Such a fine line between winning as a quarterback school. To be the difference were maybe 1015 years ago he -- -- that goal you win for us -- 35465. Pounds to 11 thing. So the margin there as well as the fundamentals. Goaltenders. So as a result in people's guys to be to be ready to play but. You need both guys. To play consistently well 222. To have that happen so. I think. Stability that is huge because your team's confidence. You know you're gonna get a consistent performance overnight and they just -- pull some other job as opposed to maybe playing a little more. Conservative defensive because -- wanted to but once -- again. -- pretty far back with Adam attend cal Johanneson those decisions for coaches are usually tough ones when it comes to naming the goaltender on the right night. How much will Adam lean on you and how much is that does that relationship play into making the right decision to. Well I think the one thing we have on our in our room is that everybody respects each other's opinions. They respect what to all of -- bring to the table. We were. All three of us were. Great friends as teammates. Obviously I respected that they'll tell us what he did for me and I was out of -- to three years and they understood really Smart hockey guy is -- And so you know I'll give my opinion on and on and situations ultimately -- -- a -- that. I think he's really respect but I have to say. -- lean heavily on but today again so it's ultimately his skepticism. What he wants to go. I don't know has a lot of respect and confidence in two guys. Thanks I appreciate taking the time. Okay thank you. CSN Washington dot com.