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Olympic hero Ledecky describes her training routine



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Wed, 4 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Rezko we dropped back -- the decade the youngest US Olympian. In 2012 and owner of the 15100 -- and 800 meter freestyle. World records KD I you've had a lot that happened elect Izturis -- as you wonder goal at the Olympics. What has been the major changes. I'm not have a lot of great opportunities this last year and a lot of events and media opportunities and I've been able to share. My experience last year with the community a lot this past -- and then this last summer -- -- that world championships which. I was really pleased with my performance and had a blast again opinions and so. -- did a great year. Played -- you want you've done so much already had a young young age which is seen. So grounded with you -- that's. I think my family definitely. They can -- great brother and great and just a great family and a great community definitely at the DC metropolitan area has been great they've been very supportive and just everybody had been surrounded by us has helped me. That's where. Are you whatsoever to not think you had a stellar performance in the sense that you. Done more things since then what was it that you felt you need to do at the Olympics when -- people can't believe -- wins a gold medalist who I've got to get better. And you go out and do something that's even more do you improve even more what was it that you have to work. Bustling all the locals so. I got right back to training in September -- last year and so some noodles with my coach and he worked towards those volume along I definitely thought. I can't get faster and a number of events and this summer I was able to. Two in the funded and mile and a realist in mind program. And nationally so. Just found Sloan what speeds got faster got -- here and just. I stayed on me for. They have in -- speech you -- that gives them on the that's found -- to Atlanta where they I'll say I'm sure my dollars and watching this tonight. Always tell them you know you need to get up and do something else and they tell me -- -- or can you give me like a typical day which you do to prepare to be as good as you are. Well -- few days a week I have practice four point 5 in the morning cells come up around 355 who. Getting kind of practice. Have practiced for 45 to Simon. I'm in and out of school at eight to three and then back in the -- I think they need to -- and then back home. He's been there but you know like get the bad and then repeat -- -- -- -- that's the question many times that. What was the toughest thing for me I'm late in the community in the schools are preparing for an exam are returned the thought when I got the NFL. Cannot tell me enough of -- exam because return upon its easy for me for you. What will be the toughest thing will be the most nerve wracking for you to make the most nervous is to prepare for SAT college I'll give -- info race. You know what I think. The biggest thing. That I learned is his preparations he settled but it says that you are a world championship race just gonna prepare my hardest and and do my best and let it sounds and certain. What what the college army of engineers starts have been a football scholarship out I was very tough to juggle some things for you you -- teenage. -- still wanna have those teenage years that you also world class for aptly. How hard how hard has it been to -- being a teenager and still going on your career. It hasn't done that tough I mean that supplant -- but I have. Great teammates great coaches. Great classmates and great teachers that have really supported me and helped me. With my time management and getting on my work done staying on top of everything and accomplishing my goals in school and influence them. Kevin Young a lot of young girls on that I wanted to be. Whatever it is simply wanna be just like you -- what isn't you can tell them to basically make them get on -- pass this -- they just. Working hard -- the young needs. And it's. Pretty committed to break from the side and swimming and going on us -- but. Definitely. Keep your options open appeared -- since Floyd still a number of sports when you're younger I definitely dead. And then I just really love swimming right from the start so. As I got older I cents a mean does that get some back to some -- about small fact this stuff. I think just in time what what you do is is the key and having fun. What's your teammates and your friends. Before we start I was talking to you -- says she got the lessons in the front of the camera so where would you give what would you -- sort of happen. While mom and dad both gave him credit for where I'm at today how important you have your -- -- -- and also your brother you know be around you and help put some. Other and I think it's -- is there. The ones that wake up with me at 355 and never complained and they just that is the best and we -- on some music in the file on the way to practice and we just have fun talking -- and then. That's -- mothers and and then look back on that -- we've -- -- fun. And punter we do a thing on open Mike here we do -- top three. For you that went back to work who or what are your top three locals was to. That -- launching caps. -- snaps and but -- Wizards move couldn't happen to me scheme. You know what I'm -- I'm done through the yeah. Top three is not my top down. But you know what I want to thank you for joining us to say good luck to you that's when I knew you were coming on I got me -- rewind to a time. I've got the American flag on -- this is reps that you because of that I really appreciate. What you've done for the area we can go for a lot of young kids out there keep doing things that remain here and Angel. CSN Washington dot com.

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