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Harper on his season: 'Ever since I hit the wall'



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Thu, 5 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. There's event the Wallace -- you know every stuff on the -- Brandon. North of -- a very you know next thing hurt us for questions left side of my whole body. It's always been hurt. There's -- right sunlight those very bright sunlight on the left. I had problems -- I felt pretty good. The last time I felt very. First almost physically. I felt great out here things. I felt pretty pretty good about where I map. Up about everywhere America. Avenues I'll be he's. I'm get a lot more walk. I'm gonna be. Got a month left a lot of fun plus -- confidence. Besides you see where I'm not by then we'll have by the end and hopefully next. Nowhere where I wanna do. I did all year and -- Come back physically B well. It was the last month as. Go get a -- fun you know we're gonna try to. Mike Brown of the saying -- that -- -- -- and we got a lot of momentum going our way right now. -- CSN Washington dot com.