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Garcon looking to take next step in the Redskins offense



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Thu, 5 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Back Redskins nation presented by crop -- -- Larry Michael joined by the sensational -- -- appear before we talk about opening night. You have no sobering very very nice it's it's. I don't know how to approach it because as young lady up there by the name of terrorists anchor. Who is suffering with the cancer brain cancer. And you work committee. Of money per touchdown. That to her cause how does come about. Guys my ass on phrase from -- sounds good to me and I'm -- got wanna have a bout in -- a special way to. You know really give residence here in our family and nearly came up put on hopefully score touchdowns this weekend. And proud to know what September -- -- I don't know season. Well we'll look at a lot of good guys out there are so for a lot of reasons but if you contribute to terra. And what she is fighting through go to her FaceBook page it is FaceBook dot com slash. Prayed for terra. -- write that down FaceBook dot com slash scraper -- and I got to commend yeah I mean you know a lot of cool stuff the boys and girls closed the the uniforms and everything you've done but this is this is really something special. He is very very tough to analyst he'll -- deal with brain cancer and she asked you to resident that's an announcer and -- she had no my should do with officially a little girl -- the Scioscia and agent. If you wanna be a profession at least he's being Redskins fans and and it's it's the least that India and on just. Kind of make her feel better on Monday night tonight in the -- resting her treatments. Definitely a blessing for me. FaceBook dot com slash -- for Caron will be praying for her excuse me -- And will be prayed for her. It would be great for her or well being and hopefully she gets well. The Redskins take the field on Monday it and everybody hopes were much touchdowns. Are you gonna do what what are some of the keys to this ball game coming up opening day is such an exciting day for everybody I'm sure you as well. What do you think it. Ali before it is going to be sending -- last used our kids know flu free -- this year but you know who have played a film that feels we don't know -- it up on the physical we have our basic plays that low -- No matter what the show we just had to -- -- and then. Can cover. All the scrutiny all the discussion about the offense and I know you're not gonna talk to give us the game plan here on TV a lot of people want to show so don't do it Pierre don't do it but. Roberts back and I guess the whole team is excited how can you top last year's office of performance you can because you're healthy. I'll we can't do a lot better on this show him off as you do it when you into the system where a lot smarter we know -- -- our team -- -- -- -- afraid we got back -- did a good Alou is going to be great for us this year got a lot of good receivers Santana -- And have you been doing a lot of great things for saying you know we're so we'll complement our system now. I say that the of people talking about. The unknown factor of having Philadelphia not only we've seen the entire Redskins offensively we haven't seen you for a whole year -- percent you're feeling great I mean you're ready to go. An MR -- and that was it all the softened you have. I'll we have -- senator they have blows you know where where are attracted to be a great offense and -- attracted to do -- -- the issue if we stay healthy and if we continue to work hard in practice and show on Sundays. Any different nursery -- -- opening debut this universal get nervous before a game and everybody's got a different way of preparing how about you. You stratus do you civil with -- you know do less and it is warm up stretch eat and then you show up and and you know go over plays really not been. Out of ordinary. Good is it your running game is outstanding coming back he got Alou back. I mean that this is that the sky's the limit but still the Redskins a little bit of a lack of respect around the National Football League despite what happened what do you feel the arena. Not -- pretty -- -- -- ages were about league as a near you know yet that he's in a running game we got Alou and it got on -- and we had a change of pace spent Lukas Haas and you can definitely make some plays. There's definitely a good thing for office -- -- that this show them make plays is fast on the team. I ouster might be fast again agreeing with you know as I get that ball. I don't yeah that's right that's right there's another gear -- appeared on its own good but as it appeared again commending you. For this outstanding. Charitable thing for -- you know what not what this -- get choked up here because. That you put that out there and you're gonna help terrorists Laker nut so whatever that you can so why not. Shoot for the stars. Get a whole bunch of touchdowns help or out and help the Redskins went through it and bang your head and you are agencies that. And there are so. CSN Washington dot com.

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