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Virginia Tech's Frank Beamer talks Bama, Week 2



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Thu, 5 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. I think it team like Alabama Boise State it's the day when they're good in all areas. They show you Ares that you that are that are and so I think -- are we are right now we practice great for Alabama. And so I think when your price and like that you get better as a football team and knocks and you'll be better down the road and that's what we're trying to get him. Well I think he's got a tremendous future you know as of Arthel. And showed his speed. Some fast guys Jason it. In -- come close so books you know look forward to him improve and each and every week. You know absolutely we spent extra time this week for saying we did Sunday when we went out and worked out a few minutes. Changed them some personnel where we still likely yeah I can get the guys that are. A little more mature a little more experienced. It's it's used to tackle and now on that punt coverage team. That's an -- so you know -- entrances greater answer rate. You know turn out. So hello yeah and we look forward to get back to lane stadium which you know. What's what's important to us right now so we're a better football team this week to my swing -- Really believe in college football -- you got a chance to make the most progress from the first week to the second week because. That Presley's first time you played -- of people. CSN Washington dot com.

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