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Is Bryce helping or hurting playing through pain?



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Thu, 5 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com began with the nationals we have seen Wear Bryce Harper goes a 110%. Until he's not a 100% not becoming an issue for more that we bring in our nationals insider mark Zuckerman ends up. Once again we have seen Wear Bryce. Isn't necessarily always truthful. But all the nagging little injuries and now is becoming an issue between Bryce and Davey Johnson again how are the nationals -- deal with this going forward. Well I think this is one of those issues that's really been going on for a while now -- the kind of guy. Who wants to play every day he's gonna play through nagging injuries he just needs to kind of learn. Where does it get to that point win OK now I need to speak up because made him actually hurting myself maybe hurting the team to be out there. I think he feels like especially with this hip injury the latest thing it's not. That is hampering his ability to play and not make him a detriment for the team but. As -- Johnson described it even if anything his minor he just needs to know that somebody is dealing with something because it helps him. Both decide what do during the course of the game. Also to set things help over the next several days you have to do something that might. In packers' ability to play the next night when they beat the better matchup so it's one of those things that every young player has to learn obviously harper is the type who wants to play every single day. He lives for that kind of stuff he's always gonna say that he's fine but. There is a little bit of an understanding that needs to have when something crosses in that next level of OK he's actually hurt. And maybe this it would be good idea to let everyone know what's going on. CSN Washington dot com.

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