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Will the Wizards finish above .500 this season?



  1. Big Three1:07
  2. John Wall1:49
  3. Little League1:36
  4. Denver0:58
  5. Venus1:41
  6. Washington0:59, 2:14
  7. knee injury0:08
  8. magic trick1:33
  9. whiz kids1:40
Thu, 5 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. The name is back in practicing with the wiz kids after battling a myriad of with a knee injury. And they averaged twelve point six points and six point seven rebounds last season with the wind so demons. That guy and just couldn't seem to be healthy last season so will he be able to hold up my entire. I don't know they have to be proven guy if he hadn't done it yet. So I'll say this big obviously sixty -- -- popular game that's better than what he's been doing. But then they have to understand his team was going medium if they won -- -- all the -- -- -- -- the -- -- this they wanna do this is the big guy. He seems to be fragile and they start. But this year he needs to figure out how to take care of himself. Really -- welfare of all it's not a water live oh ballclub what you need to do something you haven't been doing because what you've been Dillon has not -- work while -- Played 62 games last year 39 the year before that he had. Three good years in Denver before coming here to Washington but before that injury after injury he wouldn't out. All the time and you have to remember he's on the other side. Of the Big Three out there a big man turning thirty on the other side -- doesn't bode well honestly I don't trust him I. Trust it but I'll say be -- new trainer Gil traveling on the door and rightly that -- and many other things other didn't you can try. Guys they've heard me change strength -- his dog doing different. What got to the -- ways to get himself in shape and prepare for the long haul those guys feel a lot longer having and they need to try to invest in that. The government maybe he needs a magic trick the all right -- fuel a Little League homer under an out -- forty games forty game for the whiz kids Venus are you taking the over for the an -- So I think this team can go out there and win over for the game is Renee is not -- don't always John Wall when healthy proved to us how good he mixes things. Okay you have all of Bradley field is unbelievable shoot from outside -- portage your ability young talent this team would Lois forced out. But you're gonna have to go to get it done but I think -- give me all those guys have been healthy for eight facility together. Of the season they look away affordable games. CSN Washington dot com.

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