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What makes Stefon Diggs so good on special teams?



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Thu, 5 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. We -- 101 with Randy Edsall is brought to you by Jim Coleman hundred dot com. When we as coaches study film and put a game plan together. Now in New York for us just to get them to go out and executed and when. When they do these things and we tell them we put -- play and -- we'll do this and they do this this is what's gonna happen so now vacancy. With their own -- that. That we're designing things for them to be successful. And then if everybody does their job you know we got a chance to make these reports from the film was great that's why they you know we always tell me. The guy in the sky and otherwise it's no different from the classroom. You've got to be well prepared you gotta have lesson plans in place for what you gonna do. Physical kid makes you feel good when you watch plays like this is a fact that. The things that your coaching. The things for coaching. You see him get done and when they get done the right way. And have success because -- the feel good for your players UC. In all calm moment ever from players who made we made maybe not this played another planet because the other things like it's -- What we were talking about. No question yeah yeah no question that. It's like the light switch goes on it's like oh wow. We got good discipline here on the front line to start what we're doing a good job here of -- can go outside he comes through. -- a lot going full speed now if you can't beat the kicker one don't want maazel pack your bags and go home -- Know when your opponent knowing what they do. Allows the player to perform. And and then what what if what film does for us and allows us to be able to point out all those little things and you make it. We can sit here with the Clippers shown what he finished up with your inside foot. The meeting go lateral and then get off the field well for your hands were outside they needed to be inside. So I mean it's just -- grateful. Satisfying thing is you practice during the week. And then you have this happen. CSN Washington dot com.

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