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Fri, 6 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. Based ago we're now joined here over my by. PR person for Dale Earnhardt junior. -- that Q how is that job being that guy goes around probably the most popular guy in all of NASCAR. Tell -- it was exciting guys I work with dale during basically -- Budweiser years 992. 2007. It's like trying to climb on hold onto Iraq and it shooting through the this guy I mean it's. Never a dull moment. Very exciting professionally and personally yeah. -- -- -- -- -- A lot of guys in an idea in the NFL basically they follow NASCAR. Go do myself I play with the -- you also get to go since. We both like I've told you -- we go down the -- we like being at the races I've always loves these without little bitty kid. Dale is is supposedly a redskin fans know how big to -- what you say is. It's immense in his life I I tell you and I wish I could tell you you're his favorite player that are among the archive of its all time favorite. But I do this bad feeling when I -- and -- I was telling is that I -- he was such a big fan that even in the midst of of the race of of a NASCAR race he would radioed to the crew. And ask them Redskins score and he literally would think of that in the midst of doing battle -- -- know here 200 miles an hour. There were some days when if he was in a bad -- That -- this is during the Redskins sort of down years. He knew who would ask that unless the score was good that no one should say a word and feel laughter after the race is -- gonna get upset. In the race car but. It you know it was incredible Joseph Gibbs. -- that he is -- NASCAR owner. And Dale Junior really was afraid to approach him he was so. -- -- so intimidated by them this Super Bowl winning Redskins coach that. He was like a shy little kid ever known around your idea -- those are just a couple of examples of how much he really. Had his heart soul with the Redskins every sound. Bob you you've the book in the race you don't love it more about that you say this about him good in what aspects. Well it's actually I have written another book when dale called driver number eight which was his rookie season. In NASCAR so in the red is basically the follow up to that and it covers his 2001 season which. Tragically and sadly started -- -- the death of his father Dale Earnhardt senior at Daytona. And basically what Dale Junior went through with that terrific -- incidence and how he really grew up and came back and won the very next race at Daytona and and really kind of came out. Triumph and at the other end so. He start very tragically that it really goes through it and comes out of that in sort of in a triumphant manner and now. That really is the focus of the book is that one very intense very credible and. CSN Washington dot com.

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