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Haslett talks about what to expect from Eagles' offense



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Sat, 7 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Well you've seen it this Brad you've seen a passing league you see a running league how different do you think this fast paced offense the Chip Kelly is running is going to be. Post a lot different -- different and anything you've seen NFL that. He does a great challenge for our football team and we'll see how we handle it and and obviously we have seen everything. And pre season that they're gonna throw -- so we'll see how he's just doing how we how we. Don't adjust the speed and everything during the game when you watch -- tape obviously you're not seeing. Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy of what -- getting out of that that helps you prepare. Well you know organ had great players as Oklahoma. They get and a lot of speed and you know they they really do have comparable players on -- -- when they get. The same type of players that they have it it -- again increased speed. Or indeed at the quarterback and wide in the running back spots kinds of -- -- so let's not. It's it's it is a fun -- has actually to watch on film. When you go into this game record Rambo is a rookie thrown into a big sack situations and he got better game to game. Is he ready for this but also. And I think so I think he will be you know he's he loves a challenge and he stepped up after the first pre season game in got better and better in in a lot of areas and he's gonna keep improving but then I'm excited about his opportunity. In Indy community -- got the same. Situation corner he's got. Shawn Jackson to burn in the -- I mean again -- player so it's gonna be good to have two young guys Decker who's -- -- great challenge for. CSN Washington dot com.