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Sun, 8 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. We don't know how Roberts to respond. You even really don't know how is in response to live bullets hasn't played a game a long time but. But he was discussed. Calling the game differently at all to. Keep him out of harm's way as much as you can. Non no less -- on the can't calling in differently you know we try to protect Robert all the time put him in good situations to be successful now so we did last year -- -- continue to do this year. You know we're just trying to emphasize no win. You don't have a play when there's no more there to us not to take that hit his competitive guy who fights for everything in young and try our hardest -- he has to to try to get down he -- human nature for him which -- to fight for everything doesn't take over but we'll keep her mind and -- and I think we smarter with those decisions then. -- -- -- -- -- So many times the success of the play is determined before the snap of the ball he has said he's joked that his favorite joke -- he leads the league right now and mental reps. Do you see the progression that you need to see from a quarterback or the second year of the pre snap breeding getting the team in the right place. Yeah I mean every quarterback gets better with more reps every player is better -- more reps. -- -- -- -- Robert 'cause he can take the amount of reps that he wanted to that we wanted to -- throughout OTAs and throughout training camp but when it is like that all you can do is it mental mental reps and really depends on the personally take advantage of that or -- and I think Robert did he worked out of all the time and -- stayed locked and paid attention and got the most out of McEnroe said he could. CSN Washington dot com.

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