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Tarik El-Bashir gives his keys to the game versus Eagles



  1. Barry Cofield1:48
  2. Santana Moss2:20
  3. Mike Shanahan0:19
  4. Michael Vick0:34
  5. Brian Orakpo1:18, 1:42
  6. Chris Thompson2:09, 2:25
  7. Pat White0:31, 0:32
  8. Chip Kelly0:12
  9. DeSean Jackson1:12
  10. blazing speed1:13
Sun, 8 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Okay dark so much focus has obviously been on RG three in his return coming back. However the Redskins defense is gonna have its hands full with this Chip Kelly up tempo offense that we've heard about what -- to believe that they can be successful against them. Well you know one reason Mike Shanahan is fifteen and four all time in openers because he spins the entire offseason getting ready for week one. Since the start of training camp the Redskins defense has been going up against a no huddle hurry up offense led by Pat White. One of the reason pat. Pat White is here is that we can play the role of Michael Vick they're both mobile quarterbacks -- both left handed. So I I think the Redskins are going to be prepared and remember they faced a no huddle hurry up offense against the bills like they're pretty well the way to keep a Dolphins like that in check keep them off the field. All right so the inexperience in the secondary is something that we've obviously seen this pre season they have not been impressive what are you gonna be watching there. Well you know free safety record Rambo he's a rookie he came walking through the locker room the other day with a sweatshirt that read I'm that -- So you know he's not lacking for self confidence but you know what he hasn't faced the likes of LeSean McCoy who's gonna have to attack -- open field and DeSean Jackson who has blazing speed. Remember the -- is the last line of defense all eyes are going to be on him. Brian Orakpo has not played in a regular season game since week two of last year. How was his return and help the defense well yeah I mean for obvious reasons I mean he is a two time pro bowler he's gonna make a big impact but one thing I think he's really -- help was his partner in crime Ryan Kerrigan you know Kerrigan had eight and a half sacks last year. But you know he faced a lot of double teams and a lot of chip blocks and I thought he struggled on and off. With Brian Orakpo back out there. Offenses are gonna have to pick which -- they're gonna block they can't do both how is Barry Cofield and affair with that club cast on his hands well you know he. He's been wearing a -- covers entire hand -- that for the past two weeks. But we're told -- a day that they're gonna cut that -- it was he's going to be able to expose his fingers excellent it's gonna cover the breaking his hand but it's gonna wound shed blocks and get guys off the -- I don't think it's gonna make that big of a difference. Do you saying that rookie Chris Thompson is going to be the punt returner. You know I think that's the plan. But at the same time there is a contingency plan in place because in practices we chaining him told us that veteran wide receiver Santana Moss and Josh Morgan have also been back there fielding punts just in case Chris Thompson doesn't look ready. Now a team source told me on Friday that -- the Redskins brought in the left footed punter Justin helped Thompson a little bit because you know there's there's a different look to a ball coming off the left foot as opposed to the right foot and Thompson hasn't been a full time returner since his high school days so. I think he's going to be the guy. But I think that might not be determined until Sunday evening or Monday on Britain for the game. It is all about -- -- fastest -- atmosphere thanks very much. CSN Washington dot com.

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