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Pierre Garcon talks Washington's loss to Philadelphia



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Tue, 10 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Mark this down as one of those days you go through in the NFL the other team just a better job. -- -- -- -- -- How tough is it that first half seemingly. Everything seemed to be going their way whether it was an interception the safety in the end zone when it's happening like that it's are snowballing. What do you guys say to each other on the sideline to keep themselves and I would just say you know loses in its gonna. We just. -- and do too much it's the Mitsubishi. Yeah its original noon you know involved but I'm into this afternoon we took the silver thing about it. Robert made a point to say that -- was not an issue. Although it seemed like you guys weren't quite the same page that first half was Ross an -- was just the fact the lack of work an actual game factories. -- play great defense you know we know what to expect come out there. So -- on the play great defense that was. We gave everything we you know we haven't -- that's not. When we watched him it seemed like Roberts certainly look better in the second half did you feel. He was better and as a result the whole offense is better that second half court coaching them. This is what you build off of that you guys played better and I got a short week on -- Green Bay. Packers coming off a tough loss and definitely with the game. We thought that. That sums it up right there appreciate your time tonight there tonight it was about the guys in the studio. CSN Washington dot com.