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RG3: 'I didn't play well in the first half'



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Mon, 9 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Had a serious case of the can't get rights just penalties hurt ourselves. You know I don't throw picks offer doesn't fumble and kind as a missed field goals and all through those happen tonight so. Com we'll get better no doubt. Probably team fallback. You know we can't put our defense and of those kind of situations -- on the field the majority of the game put it. Everybody fought back real hard in the second half -- we got them within six and that's all you can ask for and you know you don't want your team to come on the second half and then just fold so I don't know probably they fought an honest thoughts on Martin brought. Record how much of that in your mileage as the roster but not playing games and appreciate the hard thing doesn't excuse I'm responsible for the -- I'll play. And unemployment are on the first so. Is this a win is you move on from -- -- us -- themselves trusting. You know I gotta be accountable and I'm going to be accountable for that didn't play well in the first half we came back and play better in the second half we just gonna do for sixty minutes. -- playing any preceding games meeting would have helped you a little bit savory meat it would have been more comfortable it's not on -- a once again something doesn't excuse. I was comfortable out there. I felt good. It was able to escape the pocket move round. And as I told -- my -- good anyways so. We just didn't play well the team. Any of us and now we know that. There's nothing -- point on in the locker room we know we got to get better. And when it comes -- we've gone against Green Bay but you know figured out this is a great moment you didn't turn out the way we wanted to turn out that. Come out of halftime we've we've we've talked and there's an offense and so fun not fun out a lot about our team went -- -- the second half and I think we did find out a lot you know same thing we knew from last year's team got a lot of heart. Gaza gonna fight to the end no matter what happens. And that's who I am proud of NASCAR can walk in here and you know you're not Somalis in in jolly about anything about a loss but you can post had a -- I. We still cannot then we do we had to do in the second half to give ourselves a chance. And now we just got to make sure we do for sixty minutes this next week. Q you took some hits he ran a few times -- made some cuts we come out in good shape he's -- stress and anyway and you are saying. Okay am glad I got I got through that that okay. Mom I think everyone involved. Coaches doctors. Trainers. I was relieved that I came out of the game OK parents. You know fans everybody's self. You know felt good my innocence is and it's fun and it's a joy to get out there. And play with your teammates the guys that you he's trained with -- -- form the camaraderie with so. It's always -- you wanna get the W and I'm not I'm never wanted to say hey it's. As just one game we got to get better we will and -- move -- -- next week. CSN Washington dot com.