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David Amerson reflects on first career game



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  6. Libya1:50
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Mon, 9 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Eagles front 53 plays in that first half which is almost unheard of in the National Football League how tough was it that fast in his -- As is definitely tough you know in defense is on the field that much he -- get tired. And -- you know you like -- say you lose focus mentally as well as physically. When you say lose focus mentally what happened what what's going through your mind at those times I can be and you lifting from not getting -- cannot get in the chase or you know not only does -- Dietz doesn't get. Although. At the big march down the field on opening drive you guys get the turnover and turn it into points at that. What was going through guys that. You know -- -- came right to expect him to do you know create turnovers in the play fast on defense so I would got off to a good start in the first of the series we just had to keep it up. Michael Vick. LeSean McCoy DeSean Jackson have all kinds of weapons that he saw Chris jostled in the pre season but McCoy did tonight was remarkable. Was there any way you could've slowed him down tonight is just one of those nights. In Tibet the best way to do it is to get them past the volume -- a guy like that inauguration of the very fashion a guy like you got to gang tackled. A so we got to about a job that. -- guys have a short week going in the Green Bay Packers lost in San Francisco. It's going to be tough week for you guys yeah I say we he's got to watch film learn from me -- volley and only got fifteen more games to play in the regular season yeah I took advantage of did the speed of the game your rookie first real game to the speed overwhelm me it at all did you feel comfortable. I yeah I felt pretty comfortably you know. -- the a couple of pre season games definitely got me you know kind of you know use his speed so it wasn't that bad. There's one play -- he jumped the route almost had the interception tries -- are getting bigger thinking about what could happen. Oh yes I definitely the odd I barely got my fingers on I was second ago Libya hole with a little -- as -- make a big play for my team but you know next someday it would be an -- CSN Washington dot com.