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Bacarri Rambo on the Eagles' hurry-up offense



  1. Green Bay Packers2:03
  2. Chris Johnson1:09
  3. LeSean McCoy1:07
  4. Sonoma1:00
  5. Cologne1:11
  6. Washington0:02, 2:11
  7. visa waivers0:15
  8. communicated benefited1:30
  9. ballistic missile1:03
Mon, 9 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. And I'll start -- this -- you guys come -- the fumble return for touchdown pictures. Their hot pace fast paced offense -- tougher than you even thought. Home succulent visa waivers coach on him -- -- -- -- moment when -- and his putative best temple and home. Spent a lot of plays soldiers got to get -- and Charlie about in Newsweek and move on. We are watching the play clock and not often they get under 21 seconds maybe as low as fifteen seconds. Was the quick baseball was me so tough. Just one play after another not being able solved the almost get a big play zone if they -- maybe controlled the game disputed a slow down so. They don't have an image problem making a big play in visitor in opens is comic it was a point first half despite and dominate you guys were right in the game at that point. Was feeling on the silent and we just need one big play from on which the phone Sonoma -- -- on -- the phone and home to ballistic missile. -- front -- -- home you know. LeSean McCoy. I mean you seen Chris Johnson up close out it is was on the Cologne. He's one in the vicinity Jones Grissom goes through US moves in and just got to get in the Truman home you don't fielding. We try to improve title and -- on a fun in this regular non. What was said at halftime by the coaches it seems as if there were some adjustments and second half got the better job on just keep qualifying we just communicated benefited from sign and trade to mount a split some -- Premature question here. Curran of the -- over the -- if you recovered the fast pace -- what they do if their offense varies I guess for the -- complicated or that -- that would it make you. Up to speed up in the -- you can bet that. -- -- -- -- About a couple played a pretty rural you know on their -- you -- -- Sami just -- try to make a play ends up on indefinite -- replay -- Economical they may have -- offense and they did a great job tonight. I've car ran really get there and rocked the Green Bay Packers next big thing you've been here -- Redskins posted get some rest time funds have. CSN Washington dot com.