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Eagles spoil RG3's return



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Tue, 10 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Eight months to the day after Robert Griffin the third surgery on his torn ACL and after about seven months of hype. His return could not have gone much worse the Eagles ran 53 plays in the first half and led 26 to seven. And again it didn't even feel that close clearly through at least one game chip Kelly's offense works in the NFL. Fest please temple didn't does certainly does wind determines just Arab and you don't want to -- -- of the mongols. Some so nuisance some incentive isn't. A bit into what was so what's best than you expected. Would -- -- we wouldn't necessarily the pace and good. In the meantime have time to get 56 plays you know sometimes you play 56 and again so you know definitely coming ahead -- guys didn't have these I was present. So you know when the pace we definitely -- replacement that was a lot of them. The defense is certainly not helped by an offense that just couldn't get going in the first half. Consider this -- he. Who had 211. Downs and the Redskins had 21 please. Total in the entire first half. Despite RG three is playing his first game. Months rough was not used as an excuse me Vincent. -- could go wrong did go wrong honest to say a little lost again about six when we had that horrendous in the first half and the beginning of the second half. Is something -- it's a look at and say all right we played horrible and we still almost on the game couldn't run the ball we couldn't. Cash to -- can get a play because it's it wasn't you know -- it was the whole team that was the whole offense -- you know it being that this game is behind this line from -- And move affords -- next week. You see what you can you have to work with now he made mistakes everything's out the way hopefully. You know we can't hang -- has gone next week because we got fifteen left to try to prove someone to some first game season doesn't make Ricky we've got to go with this organization. It proves that yeah that was going to be better. The news doesn't get much better for the skins. Ryan Kerrigan left the game early being evaluated for concussion like symptoms in the skins now have a short week to prepare for fellow oh and one team the Packers. At Lambeau Field with Pierre in our son told me all we can do is be ready to play. With the Redskins rob grown CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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