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How resilient is Alfred Morris?



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Tue, 10 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Most people have a hard time understanding that. Everybody's got to work as a group and or -- order for the quarterback to be effective. For the Dolphins won't be effective everybody's got to do their job and we didn't have that last night this one of the few times that. We made way too many mistakes and not sure if anything went right that first half and when you start out with a fumble in the end an interception. And have the safeties. We have some three and out she had a couple penalties. And in the first -- you've got to answer your first round tournament something that that we haven't done anything like that awful tough moments home. Sideline Robert goes to -- puts his arm around him. But we're not -- of the conversation but we can imagine that it was like no don't hang your head this is just one game. How do you address -- offered it and what he did didn't. They're just blow off say that's not that guy. What is it -- we can tell him this and you gotta be able wipe things out Belfort is not as good as again it's and he plays extremely hard. If after he makes mistakes like that you have to tell what the doctor can affect the rest of the game because she's gonna play. Extremely hard he's gonna make his yards and he's gonna do the things that give you chance to oneself. -- the -- people are you very conscientious sometimes it's it's hard to do. How does a short workweek affect how you guys do your job this week. Well you got used to it you know Houston Monday nights and you know the preparation time so you get here early take a look at the film you know get a chance to. Reviewed as long as you like to especially as a coordinator we didn't. Pretty for the meal for the next game you got to -- implement your game plan today you gotta -- him for the players tomorrow. A lot of men working on Sunday. -- that -- -- during the day in the afternoon Salinas still got a good feel for what -- tell your team Wednesday when you talk to them. Sure that we know well we'll do is -- talk about you know what we did well we did poorly things that you have to do not not to -- yourself some. Hopefully against Green Bay which illuminates a little mistakes and come away with one on the road. CSN Washington dot com.